Support for local drug-related issues

There are range of negative impacts arising from illicit drug use in public. However, there are many government services and front-line agencies in Yarra that can support you with issues related to illicit drug use, including:

  • emergency response to drug overdose, illegal activity or danger
  • removal of syringes and related litter
  • non-emergency support for drug affected people or public injecting
  • confidential alcohol and drug information and advice
  • reporting of non-emergency crime incidents

Find out about these services below, or download our Local drug issues: Key contacts resource.

Call 000 in an emergency. This includes drug overdoses, illegal activities or if someone is in danger. 

Removal of syringes and related litter

Private property, businesses, streets or public spaces

If you find a syringe in a street or park or want someone to pick up a syringe from your property, you can request syringe management services online or by calling us on 9205 5555 (available 24 hours).  Find out more about syringe disposal in Yarra.

Public Housing Estate grounds

If you find a syringe in public housing estate grounds, contact the Local Housing Office (available 24 hours).

  • Richmond: 9429 5174
  • Fitzroy: 9093 5000
  • Collingwood: 9417 5144 

North Richmond Community Health or the Medically Supervised Injecting Room

If you find a syringe or related litter near the North Richmond Community Health or Medical Supervised Injecting Room, call North Richmond Community Health on 9418 9811 (business hours).

Train stations or railway lines

If you find a syringe on a train or at a station, contact Metro Trains on 1800 800 007 (available from 6am to 12 midnight). 

Non-emergency support for drug affected people or public injecting

If you are concerned about an adult using drugs, contact the Needle and Syringe Program outreach team at cohealth on 0418 179 814 or email [email protected]

If your concern is about a young person (under 25 years), contact Youth Support and Advocacy Service on 9415 1698.

Confidential alcohol, drug information and advice

For information, counselling and referral for alcohol and drug issues (including syringe programs), call DirectLine on 1800 888 236 (available 24 hours).

Report non-emergency crime incidents

For non-urgent crime and events call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 (available 24 hours) or submit an online report