Road/footpath occupation

You need a road/footpath occupation permit if you need to occupy Yarra City Council land.

Applications are now submitted online.  To help improve our service, please click here to send us feedback on using the online portal. It will only take a few minutes.

Here are the types of permits you can apply for: 

  • Plant and equipment permit

    If you are placing plant and equipment such as scissor lifts, excavator, concrete pumps on our land you will need a road/ footpath occupation permit.

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  • Crane occupation

    If you are placing crane including support equipment, vehicles and franner cranes on our land you need a road/footpath occupation permit.

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  • Hoarding and gantries

    If you are placing hoarding, temporary fencing, scaffolding or gantry on our land you will need a road/ footpath occupation permit.

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  • Construction zone

    A construction zone is a council approved area which can be used during construction. This area may involve the use of plant and equipment or may be used for parking of construction vehicles.

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  • Work area permit

    You will need a work area permit for small scale works. These works could include the use of ladders, mobile scaffold, site sheds and painting.

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  • Work zones

    You can apply for a work zone permit if you need dedicated parking spaces to park trade vehicles associated with your construction site.

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  • Shipping container

    If you are placing a shipping container or portable self storage container on our land you will need a permit.

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