Pool and spa registration

You must obtain a Building permit for safety barriers (including for above ground pool & Spa) in addition to a pool/spa built in the ground or built around a deck/other structure.  

You will also need a Certificate of Final Inspection before you install any water in your pool/spa. 

Find out how to apply for a building permit

Victorian government regulations

The Victorian Government has introduced new regulations for swimming pools and spas to prevent children from drowning.

The new laws require property owners to register swimming pools and spas with their local council.

More than 80% of swimming pool and spa safety barriers in Victoria don't meet the required standards

On average, four children die in Victoria in home swimming pools and spas every year. Many more are hospitalised for near-drownings, often suffering from life changing brain injuries due to lack of oxygen.


If you own a property in Yarra with a pool or spa, you will need to register it with us before 1 November 2020 and have the safety barrier inspected by a licenced building surveyor or inspector. 

The Victorian Government extended the registration deadline from 1 June 2020 due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Complying with the new regulations

To comply with the new regulations, you will need to: 

  1. Register your pool and/or spa
  2. Organise an inspection
  3. Lodge a certificate
  4. Renew your certificate

1. Register your pool or spa 

The new laws apply to swimming pools and spas that can hold more than 300mm (30cm) of water. To find out what’s classified as a pool or spa, see the Victorian Building Authority website

You must register your existing pool or spa before 1 November 2020

If you have a pool and spa you must lodge each structure separately.

For pools or spas under construction and not completed, being constructed after 1 November 2020, or relocatable – the registration deadline varies and can be found on the VBA website.  

How to register

Before applying online we recommend that you read the Pool and Spa Register - online user guide (PDF 1015KB) and then select one of the options below.

Register a pool or spa built before 1 NOVEMBER 2020

Register a pool or spa built after 1 NOVEMBER 2020

I'm still having technical issues

Opening our online forms for more than 15 minutes may result in a time-out, and losing information entered when you press 'submit'. To ensure a form doesn't time out, please prepare the information you want to send to us offline, then cut and paste your information into the form. 

If you press ‘submit’ and don't receive an acknowledgment email with a reference number, please email [email protected]


Registration fees are charged for each pool and/or spa on your property and are set by the Victorian government. 

  • Each spa and/or pool built before 1 November 2020: $32.30 registration fee and $47.20 mandatory records search fee. 
  • Each spa and/or pool  built after 1 November 2020: $32.30 registration fee.

Registration letter

After you register your pool, we will send you a registration letter which will explain: 

  • the date of construction of your pool or spa
  • which building standards apply to your safety barrier
  • when you must lodge your certificate of barrier compliance with us.

2. Organise an inspection 

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered with us and you have received your registration letter, you need to arrange an inspection of the safety barrier by a private registered building inspector or building surveyor. 

We do not provide inspection services. 

You can search for a registered private building practitioner authorised to carry out inspections and certification on the Victorian Building Authority website.

It is recommended to obtain numerous quotes as inspection costs are not regulated by the private industry and may vary.

3. Lodge your certificate 

If the private registered building inspector or building surveyor determines that your safety barrier complies with the applicable barrier standard, they will issue you with a certificate of barrier compliance.

Pools and spas constructed before 1 November 2020

The Victorian Government has recently extended the deadline for lodging your certificate. Please see the revised timelines below:

Construction date of pool/spa  Compliance certificate must be lodged by
30 June 1994 or earlier    1 June 2022
between 1 July 1994 and 30 April 2010  1 June 2023
between 1 May 2010 and 31 October 2020  1 June 2024

If a pool or spa barrier was constructed without a building permit before 1 November 2020, the compliance certificate must be lodged by 1 November 2021.

Pools and spas constructed on or after 1 November 2020

Your first certificate of barrier compliance will be due within 30 days of occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection. This certificate must accompany your application for registration.


There is a $20.40 lodgement fee for each certificate. This fee is set by the Victorian Government.


You must lodge your certificate online by the deadline included in your registration letter. If you cannot lodge your certificate online, please mail it to 333 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121. 

Non-compliant safety barriers

If the private registered building inspector or building surveyor determines that your safety barrier is not compliant, they can either:

  • immediately issue a certificate of barrier non-compliance, or
  • issue you a written notice specifying:
    • the matters which must be addressed to bring the pool barrier into compliance
    • the period in which the barrier must be made compliant
    • the date and time they intend to reinspect the barrier.

After re-inspection, if the private inspector/surveyor determines that the pool barrier is compliant, they will issue a certificate of barrier compliance which you must lodge with us by the required deadline nominated by Council. 

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the certificate of non-compliance.  

The registered building inspector or building surveyor will lodge a copy of the certificate of barrier non-compliance with us. You will need to pay a $385 fee when the certificate is lodged. 

4. Renew your certificate 

You will need to have your safety barrier inspected and certified every four years, commencing from the first certificate lodgement deadline (or else otherwise advised by us), to make sure it has remained safe. 


If you fail to meet these new regulations, you can face penalties of up to $1,652.20. 

Fees and penalties related to inspections and compliance can be viewed on the VBA website. 

Removal of pool or spa

If a pool or spa is removed from your property, you must immediately notify our Building Services. They will arrange an inspection with you to verify that the removal has occurred. 

More information 

More information about the new regulations, and how to comply, can be found on the Victorian Building Authority website: