A fresh style of community garden sprouts in Yarra

Thursday 20 April 2023

Yarra City Council has installed two Small Communal Growing Spaces, as part of a new trial. 

As outlined in Yarra’s Urban Agriculture Strategy 2019-2023, Yarra has a commitment to facilitate access to people growing food. This trial aims to provide the community with more opportunities to connect through growing leafy greens and herbs which can be shared by residents within the neighbourhood.

Clifton Reserve in Clifton Hill and Linear Reserve in Fitzroy North are home to these new-style community gardens. The Small Communal Growing Spaces each feature transportable planter boxes and a toolbox which doubles as a bench seat. While a gardening group of residents care for each space, the herbs and leafy greens are for all locals to enjoy. 

Additional goals of the project are to reduce single waste plastic, food miles and household costs at the local level. A contemporary style of planter box has been designed with the Circular Economy in mind, reducing the number of new resources used and made from materials that can be recycled at end of use. 

Local not-for-profit company Office designed parts which slide together with minimal fixings compared to other planter boxes on the market. If one section is damaged it can be replaced, eliminating the need for a whole new box. 

Each planter box contains a wicking bed to minimise the amount of watering required, allowing plants to draw up moisture from a reservoir. Gardening groups can share resources kept inside the toolbox, such as small hand tools, a watering can, mulch or a seed library. 

The trial will be assessed after 12 months at which time Council will consider whether to expand the initiative. 

If you would like to find out more or get involved, email the Urban Agriculture team [email protected]



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