Resolutions and other motions from this week's Council Meeting - Tuesday 14 February 2023

Thursday 16 February 2023

A crowd of people fill a street at Victoria's Pride Street Party in Fitzroy. A blow-up rainbow is in the background, and a person on a large television screen can be seen dancing.

At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council endorsed:

  • The appointment of Council delegates, including the Audit and Risk Committee, 13 advisory committees and eight external organisations. 

Other resolutions:  

  • Council approved proposed changes to Burnley Golf Course which allow officers to address the ongoing risks associated with balls being hit outside the golf course’s boundary.
  • Council agreed to receive an update report on the implementation of Yarra’s Nature Strategy at the May Council Meeting and that thereafter updates be provided via the Annual Plan reporting. 
  • Council moved to recognise the importance of Victoria’s Pride and for Council to formally support the event’s continuation as an ongoing, annual event held in the City of Yarra.

Petitions and letters: 

  • Council received a petition for the introduction of parking restrictions in Jamieson Street, Fitzroy North. 

 Other agenda items and more details can be viewed in the Council Meeting minutes, available online from Friday 17 February.


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