Yarra Leisure proposes streamlining its membership options

Wednesday 04 May 2022

A proposal within Yarra’s draft Budget 2022-23 recommends Yarra Leisure streamline its membership options to give customers the flexibility they need to only pay for the services they use.

Yarra City Council is one of only a few councils in Melbourne to still offer a full suite of leisure services and facilities, including three pools, three gyms, group fitness classes and a golf course. 

Last year, Yarra asked their customers what they wanted and flexible membership options were highlighted as a priority. At the same time, Yarra Leisure conducted an extensive benchmarking exercise to review its leisure fees.

This review compared Yarra to similar venues and Council services across Melbourne.

As a result, a proposal was developed that would see some membership fees increase and some decrease, in line with the Competitive Neutrality requirements of Council’s Pricing Policy.

If the proposed fee changes are adopted by Council as part of its 2022-23 Budget, Yarra would still offer some of the most comprehensive leisure services and venues in Melbourne, with prices sitting at the median price point.

Yarra’s full suite of services includes:

• gym facilities

• group exercise classes

• aquatic centres, and

• golf course access  

In addition, Yarra City Council also offers the following community programs including Learn to Swim, programs for older people or people with a disability, and squad training programs.

Yarra remains committed to prioritising vulnerable communities and will maintain its 40 per cent discount for concession card holders, in line with its Pricing Policy.

Yarra Leisure emailed its members last week to advise them of the proposed changes. 


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