Yarra Council phases out glyphosate

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Yarra City Council decided last night to phase out the use of glyphosate-based herbicides. 

Yarra weed control will now predominantly be done through mechanical removal, supported by hand-sprayed glyphosate for kerb and channel weed control only.

All other areas like natural habitats, playgrounds, childcare centres, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and retail strips are already maintained using non-glyphosate based techniques.

City of Yarra Mayor, Cr Misha Coleman, said that council intends to try to phase out glyphosate use completely within two years.

“After a lot of analysis of the options available, our new approach will reduce the amount of glyphosate-based herbicide by between 80 and 85%,” said Cr Coleman.

“This is a significant step towards phasing out glyphosate-based herbicide and completely eliminates the use of these chemicals in high-pedestrian areas like laneways and footpaths.

“We’ve been trialling different weed control methods to determine the most effective and best long-term approach for our city and our community. This decision ensures we are responding to public concern, while continuing to deliver an effective service that keeps our city looking its best.

“This decision also means that our weed control methods are more environmentally sound, consistent with our commitments to sustainability,” added Cr Coleman.



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