Youth Peer Leaders guiding our next generation

Tuesday 01 May 2018

Mubarek Imam and Nyayoud Jice are inspiring positive change within their local community and helping other young people find their voice.

Both are involved in the Youth Peer Leader program at Drummond Street Services.

Mubarek and Nyayoud were already involved in their communities when they were approached to apply for the Peer Leader program.

“Working with young people is our passion, it’s what we do,” says Mubarek.

One of the first steps they took as Peer Leaders was to identify the areas which they wanted to work on in their community. 

They recently ran a campaign called No Shade to advocate for a new youth space in Richmond.Nyayoud, who comes from a South Sudanese background, is supporting a workshop called Better Together exploring racism and discrimination with the hope of “bridging the gap between police and young people.”

Nyayoud currently works as a research officer with Monash University studying the media’s portrayal of Sudanese young people and its effect on the community.

“We’re portrayed by the media as thugs, criminals, offenders, but when we’re the victims we don’t get our side out there,” she says.

On completing the peer leader program Nyayoud wants to work in criminal justice and Mubarek wants to study as a youth worker.

Their advice for young people considering entering the program in the future is “don’t be afraid, just try… Young people lack confidence these days and I would just push them to try.”

The Youth Peer Leader program at Drummond Street Services has received partial funding through Yarra’s Youth Grants.


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