Councillor Stephen Jolly

Councillor Stephen Jolly 

Cr Jolly was elected in October 2016 and is a representative of the Langridge ward.

Previously, he was elected for a second 4-year term at the November 2008 Council elections and re-elected again in October 2012.

His journey to Yarra City Council started in London - where he was born with Irish heritage - and took in human rights campaigns in Zimbabwe and China before he settled in Clifton Hill and stood for election to Council.

Cr Jolly works in the construction industry. 


Cr Jolly can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0437 856 713 or email

All three Langridge ward councillors can be emailed at


Create vibrant communities

A father of two, Cr Jolly’s goal is a local community “where families and those on low incomes can afford to live and more easily access services, like child care.”

“I want a development plan for Yarra that matches every increase in the number of new homes with an increase in social services,” Cr Jolly said.

“This way we will create living communities not soulless matchboxes, like the Docklands.”

Keeping council’s rates low

Cr Jolly said he was committed to keeping Council’s rates low, and to seeing Council bring back its twice-yearly hard rubbish collection, which had been replaced with an “at-call” service. Cr Jolly also believes it is time to consider returning core services like street cleaning to Council control.

Healthy and safe public housing estates

He is also calling for a local indoor sporting centre, and for more support for residents who live in public housing.

“I want to see Council direct its youth workers onto the public housing estates, and properly fund residents’ associations,” Cr Jolly said.

“Healthy, safe public housing estates are good for all Yarra residents.”



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