Social justice charter

High rise social housing, with the artist Matt Adnate's mural of multi-cultural faces in Yarra 

Yarra’s Social Justice Charter is a key Council document that reflects our Yarra values and underpins everything that we do.

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Who does the charter protect?

Yarra’s Social Justice Charter protects the whole community’s human rights, especially those of our more vulnerable residents, and those more likely to be at risk of discrimination.

This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTIQ+ people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and people experiencing homelessness, amongst many others.

We are legally obliged to consider human rights in our work

The Charter ensures that the principles of social justice are embedded in all Council planning processes, in the development of all policies and strategies, and in the provision of services.

The principles of social justice

  • Access –  making sure our services, facilities, and programs are accessible and can used by everyone
  • Equity – ensuring everyone is treated equally and has access to the same resources
  • Rights – protecting our community’s human rights
  • Participation – making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

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