Ford Street, Clifton Hill

Zero carbon townhouses

Street view of zero carbon townhouse, Ford St, Clifton Hill

Image by Dan Farrar 

Development summary 

Designed with an eco-conscious home owner in mind, these three-level townhouses in Clifton Hill aspired to apply leading sustainable design and construction. Through smart design and innovative construction practices, Field Office Architecture and Sustainable Homes Melbourne have produced high quality and thermally efficient dwellings.  
The intention was to create highly efficient, ethically sourced, sustainable and high-quality residential homes to stand the test of time and serve this generation and many after. The two homes have been designed to gain strong solar access and manage a difficult north/south orientation and narrow steep blocks by carving out a central zone in the house for a courtyard. This vegetated central courtyard area means that the rear living spaces receive a significant amount of northern light, whilst allowing for effective cross flow ventilation and night time purging.  
Built on a challenging site, they aim for optimal self-sufficiency and achieved high energy ratings through clever orientation, reverse recycled brick veneer construction, high performing thermal mass, insulation and glazing. They each feature large solar arrays, supported by battery storage with no use of gas.
The project had a strong focus on understanding the impacts of various materials and choosing lower impact options, including reclaimed bricks and recycled sustainable timbers with low volatile organic compounds in paint or other finishes.  

The use of innovative construction practices, not typically used in residential projects, provided for improve thermal performance, energy efficiency and sustainability. The project used alternative technologies and products giving small, local and start-up businesses a chance to gain invaluable experience, and the opportunity to grow and bring lasting change to the industry.
This development has been constructed and is occupied.

Key zero carbon development features 

Other sustainability features

Clifton Hill Townhouse courtyard

Image by Dan Farrar

Clifton Hill townhouse aerial view

Image from Sustainable Homes Melbourne