Parklet program

close up of rediscover yarra bollard near outdoor dining space 

Originally created to support local businesses during COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the Parklet Program allows eligible hospitality businesses to offer outdoor dining in on-street car parking bays directly outside of their business, or the neighbouring business with permission. 

Step 1 – read our Parklet Policy and Design Guidelines

Before you apply for an outdoor dining parklet, please read the Parklet Policy and Design Guidelines

Additionally, there are three more conditions not included in the Guidelines:

  1. A parklet cannot have any ground structure, furniture or infrastructure built over, or covering a stormwater pit. 
  2. A parklet must maintain a minimum of 600mm clearance from the side of any stormwater pit. 
  3. Upon written request from Yarra Council, the applicant must remove the parklet (for the purposes of required cleaning, maintenance, infrastructure renewal, utility works etc.) 

Step 2 – submit an enquiry 

If your business is interested in having an outdoor dining parklet, please complete the below enquiry form. 

Submit a parklet enquiry

Please note: this is not an application form. Once you complete this enquiry form, a Yarra Council officer will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

Step 3 – approval from Yarra Trams

Once you receive approval from Yarra Council to proceed with your application, you may need additional approval from Yarra Trams. If you wish to install your parklet on a road space where trams operate, you must read Yarra Tram's installation guidelines. Your parklet design and must be submitted to Yarra Trams for approval. 


There are two components to parklet fees. 

  1.  There is an application and inspection fee. This is a flat rate of $325 that each parklet application is required to pay no matter the location or size of the parklet. 

  2. There is a tiered fee structure depending on the type of street your parklet is on:
  • Primary streets – for example Brunswick Street, Smith Street and Gertrude Street
  • Secondary Streets – any street that has paid parking on it, that isn’t a primary street
  • Neighbourhood Streets – any eligible street, that is not a primary or secondary street

The table below outlines what you will be charged per car parking bay (or equivalent sized space).

Parklet fees

All applications must pay the application and inspection fee. You can choose between a 'summer' or 12 month permit. 

Street type Application and inspection fee 'Summer' permit fee per parking bay
12 month permit fee per parking bay
Primary $325 $2,704 $5,408
Secondary $325 $1,622.40 $3,244.80
Neighbourhood $325 $1,217.50 $2,425


Hire or buy 

If your application to operate a parklet is successful, you will need to hire or buy the parklet infrastructure, and pay for its installation, in addition to the permit and parking bay hire fees. 

You will be able to select from the following options for your parklet infrastructure: 

  1. Purchase or hire Parklet infrastructure from a readymade parklet company and self-maintain the parklet. 
  2. Build your own parklet subject to comply with parklet technical specifications and Yarra Council approval. Note: there will be additional assessment timeframes, to review the designs and provide comments, while ensuring the structure meets any requirements of a road safety audit. 

If you have an existing approved parklet installed, your supplier or contractor will need to ensure the installation and that the parklet infrastructure adheres to the current technical design specifications for parklets. 

Readymade or build-your-own parklet

It is at your discretion to choose between building your own parklet or using a readymade parklet (either way it must comply with our Parklet Design Guidelines).

Yarra City Council does not endorse or recommend any specific suppliers, but some examples of readymade parklet providers include:

 Of course, there are many other companies to choose from if you wish to hire or buy a readymade parklet. 

Greening your parklet 

Parklet operators are encouraged to 'green' their parklet wherever possible. Below are some companies that can help you plant and maintain your planter boxes: 

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