Footpath trading

You need a footpath trading permit (public space licence) to place items on the footpath outside your business, including:

  • tables, chairs and umbrellas 
  • an advertising sign
  • display goods
  • planter boxes, screens or promotional items. 

Apply now to use the footpath space in front of your own property

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Extend your outdoor dining

As we move towards the Third Step of the Victorian Government’s roadmap to reopening and eased COVID-19 restrictions, we have developed a new application process for hospitality businesses in Yarra to expand their outdoor dining space.

This could include

  • using the footpath space in front of your own property 
  • using the footpath space in front of neighbouring properties
  • using the on-street car parking bay(s) directly outside your business
  • closing laneways and side streets
  • using council-owned outdoor land (such as parks or gardens)
  • using outdoor private property (such as a carpark on your property)

Apply now for extra outdoor dining space

Find out all you need to know before submitting your application.

Extend your outdoor dining

How do I update my existing footpath trading permit details?

Step 1

Let us know if anything has changed at the business: (for example; contact details, business has closed down, transferred ownership).

Update your details

Step 2

Send us a copy of your public liability (certificate of currency)

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