Footpath trading

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 *Updated 13 October 2021

We are all very excited to see our hospitality industry re-open in the coming weeks. We are here to help you work through your applications for your outdoor dining space as quickly as possible.

You are welcome to apply for a footpath trading permit on a temporary basis for this summer period as we step through the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.  

What is a footpath trading permit?

You need a footpath trading permit (public space licence) to place items on the footpath outside your business, including:

  • tables, chairs and umbrellas 
  • an advertising sign
  • display goods
  • planter boxes, screens or promotional items. 

If you already have an existing footpath trading permit, you can apply for an extension of this space too.

Apply online for a footpath trading permit

Step 1 - Read our Footpath Trading Policy for more information before you apply.

Step 2 - Download and complete a footpath trading site plan:

Step 3 - Use all information to complete the online form.

Complete the online application form

Extend your footpath trading area

If you already have a footpath trading permit, you can apply to extend your permit area and use your neighbour's footpath space too.

Update your existing permit details

If you have a footpath trading permit and something has changed at your business, (e.g. your contact details, business has closed, transferred ownership, etc.) please let us know.

Update your details

Send us a copy of your public liability (certificate of currency).

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