Business renewable buying group

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We're joining together with councils across Victoria to assist businesses to purchase low-cost renewable energy and cut their emissions.

We are currently in the process of forming a group for the pilot program. Registrations for the pilot have closed.  We hope to run another group in early 2023.  

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What is the Business Renewables Buying Group?

The Business Renewables Buying Group is designed to bring together a buying group of like-minded local businesses. With council support, the group will work collectively to scale up their buying power whilst cutting complexity, time, and cost associated with going 100% renewable.  

The Business Renewable Buying Group is open to medium-to-large energy consuming businesses across the participating council regions.

Through this Business Renewables Buying Group we are striving to build not only this initial group, but further refine this model and create and new repeatable and scalable group purchasing method to support more businesses joining a renewable future.  

Why join the Business Renewables Buying group?

  • Improved market response for your businesses, with more options and potential price benefits due to increased load  
  • Ability to work with others who are going through similar decisions to compare considerations and support each other 
  • Reduced project costs and staff time by spreading the workload across the group  
  • The process is led by an experienced facilitator, with access to specialist strategic advice. 

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Cost effective way to reduce emissions and deliver on your strategic goals  
  • Long term and stable pricing provide budget certainty and reduces exposure to energy market volatility  
  • Avoid repeated internal procurement processes over the duration of the PPA contract  
  • Participation in this project and renewable energy purchase can provide Reputation, branding and leadership benefits  
  • Opportunity to directly support the renewable energy industry.

Participating councils

This project is initiated and supported by Yarra Council, as well as Darebin, Melbourne, Moreland and regions covered by the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) and the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Acton (NAGA).

The participating councils have all declared a climate emergency and have strong ambitions to support our communities towards a zero emissions future. A key component of this ambition is supporting our business community to accelerate to a 100% renewable electricity supply.

All participating councils are also already on renewable electricity contracts via council-led group purchasing projects. This project will utilise the experience and lessons gained in the successful Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP), MREP 2, and Victorian Electricity Collaboration projects.

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