Business grants and funding

There are a range of grants and funding options available to Yarra businesses. The list below includes some of the major places you can find grants. We recommend you do an online search for new funding opportunities in addition on the list below.

Community grants

Community grants offered by Yarra City Council provide support to local groups and community initiatives, which can include business. 

Business Victoria

Business Victoria publishes a comprehensive list of grants, vouchers and assistance programs available to businesses in Victoria from the State government. has a grant finder which publishes grants and funding opportunities from all levels of government.

Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria offers a number of grants related to sustainable business practices.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

IBA offers a number of funding options for Indigenous business owners.


Coles has established some grants as part of its corporate social responsibility, including the Coles Nurture Fund (CNF) and the Indigenous Food Fund. 

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