Coworking spaces

Co-working spaces, or co-sharing spaces, provide flexible work spaces for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Yarra has a significant proportion of the co-sharing spaces in Melbourne, while Australia has the highest growth of co-working spaces in the world.

As well as flexible working environments, co-sharing offers opportunities for collaborative, informal knowledge sharing that can stimulate innovation and community connection. 

Co-working spaces in Yarra

Richmond, Abbotsford and Cremorne are the startup hubs of Melbourne.

Although geographically small, Cremorne has been dubbed "Silicon Yarra" by the Sydney Morning Herald because of the number of startups calling it home.

Collingwood and Fitzroy have a rapidly increasing number of co-working spaces including some niche spaces that cater to specific industries.

The co-working industry is fast-moving, so we recommend an online search in addition to the list below.