Yarra River Parklands

Yarra River Parklands

Yarra River Parklands

Experience the tranquillity and beauty of inner-city parklands along the Yarra River.

Many of the parks in the City of Yarra are on the river and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the surrounds.

Herring island sculpture park

Located four kilometres upstream from Melbourne's CBD, Herring island sculpture park is a unique landmark only accessible by boat.

Using mainly recycled materials, sculptures have blended art with the environment in a bush setting.

Dights Falls and mill

Dights Falls is an important spot in the Yarra River, where salt water from the estuary meets the fresh water of the river. This site features waterfalls and remnants of the Dights Flour Mill built in the 1840s.

Yarra trail

Follow the river as it winds its way through Richmond. This 90-minute walk passes significant points of interest in the history of Richmond and the Yarra.

Fairfield boathouse

Hire a canoe or boat and glide along the Yarra River. The Fairfield boathouse is the perfect place to indulge in a relaxing picnic.

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