Showcasing leading sustainable buildings in Yarra: Cremorne Studios

Tuesday 08 November 2022

Join the architect of Cremorne Studios, for a guided tour of a highly-sustainable energy-efficient commercial development in the heart of Cremorne.

From the outset the building aimed to be a precedent for other commercial developments, setting a benchmark in sustainable design. The designers applied PASSIV HAUS (passive solar design) principles to create a comfortable building that requires minimal energy for heating and cooling. 

The wellbeing of occupants has been prioritised through focussing on indoor environment quality. Additionally, materials are used in their pure form for easy reuse at the end of their life span.

Johannes Hart, Architect and Managing Director at LAYAN will lead this tour of Cremorne Studio.

Read more about the Cremorne Studios project on its The Local Project page.



Date and time:
9 am - 10 am
Tuesday 08 November 2022

17 Williams St Cremorne