No through road sign restored in Holden Street

Thursday 15 November 2018

Two men standing arm in arm beneath a sign which says No Through Road 

An iconic local road sign has taken its rightful place in Fitzroy North, following a community-led restoration process.

The ‘No Through Road To Clifton Hill’ sign on Holden Street is a relic of a time when modern sign-making conventions didn’t exist.

“There certainly aren’t many road signs quite like this one in Melbourne anymore,” said Atha Athanasi, Coordinator of Yarra Council’s Road Services.

The sign, much loved by the local community, had deteriorated over time and become difficult to read.

Local resident Kym Krummel decided it was time to revive the sign, so he enlisted the help of his friend and local artist David Pearson to do the restoration.

The friends contacted our City Works team to discuss the possibility of restoring the sign. The team was more than happy to work with Kym and David on the project, and assisted them to survey local residents on the future of the sign. 

Kym said residents appreciated being consulted.

“We spoke to around 70 residents and left a letter for those not home. The result was overwhelmingly in favour of the restoration,” Kym said.

Yarra’s City Works team then provided David with space at the Clifton Hill depot to begin work on restoring the sign. 

“It has character and that’s why people love it,” said David.

The sign was returned to its original place on Holden Street on 15 November, with Kym and David looking on proudly. 



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