Recycling drop-off point

Council encourages residents to recycle goods whenever possible. 

Goods which cannot be recycled in your recycling bin can now be dropped off at an all-day recycling drop-off point in Clifton Hill.

The drop-off point is at 168 Roseneath Street, Clifton Hill, about 35 metres east of the entrance to the main Council depot (Melways Reference 2D B4). Please see map below.

When you are using the drop-off point, please be respectful of residents who live in nearby properties by limiting the noise you make.

Engine oil and car batteries must be disposed of inside the depot itself, rather than at the drop-off point.

Residents are asked to report to the depot's reception area before disposing of these materials.

The reception area is open Monday-Friday, between 8.30am and 3pm (excluding public holidays).

It is also open on the first Saturday of each month, between 8am and midday.

Materials accepted

  • E–waste (desktops, laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers, disk and CD drives and other computer parts)
  • Electrical equipment (televisions, stereo equipment, CD players, DVD and VCR recorders)
  • Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Household batteries
  • Mobile phones and accessories (you can also drop off these off at the Richmond and Collingwood Town Halls and the Collingwood and Richmond leisure centres)
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Polystyrene (plastic code 6) number 6 plastic
  • Steel and aluminium cans (including aerosol cans)
  • Plastics marked with the codes 1 to 7 number 1 plastic number 2 plastic number 3 plastic number 4 plastic number 5 plastic number 6 plastic number 7 plastic
  • Clothing
  • Cork
  • CDs, DVDs, cassettes & VHS tapes and floppy discs
  • X-rays and film (we sugguest you remove identifying information first)
  • Cameras and photographic equipment
  • Smoke detectors (once batteries are removed)
  • Books
  • Plastic bags (and other plastics marked with code 4) number 4 plastic
  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses
  • Printer and toner cartridges
  • Bubble wrap (plastic code 4) number 4 plastic
  • Cling wrap (plastic code 4 - clean only) number 4 plastic
  • Scrap metals (small items only - no car engines)
  • Engine oil (only during business hours, see above)
  • Car Batteries (only during business hours, see above).

Materials that are not accepted

Unwanted furniture, general waste and green waste are not accepted at the drop-off point.

Remember: all Yarra residents can book free hard waste and green waste collections by contacting Council on 9205 5555.

Recycling computers and televisions

The Drop Zone recycling program is a free drop off service for computers and televisions sponsored by delivery service DHL.
Council's Clifton Hill Depot will accept televisions only under the program.

If you have a computer/s for recycling, they can be dropped off at Officeworks in Richmond (566 Bridge Road, Richmond).
Officeworks Drop Zones are for computers and IT accessories only. A limit of five items per customer applies.


Individual materials are sent to different facilities for processing, so it's important that residents put materials into the correct bins.

If contamination occurs - for example, if a plastic bag ends up in the bottles and can bin - the entire load of recyclables can be rejected and sent to landfill.

The bins and containers at the drop-off point are color-coded to make sorting easy.

Map of recycling drop-off point:

View Recycling Drop Off Point in a larger map  

Further information
9205 5555

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