What is changing?

Every household, business and building serviced by us, has received a purple-lidded bin to separate glass bottles and jars from other recyclables.

Your yellow-lidded recycling bin is for all other recyclable materials, however, what can go in this bin – and when your bins will be collected - has also changed.

There are no changes to your rubbish collection service – your bin will still be collected weekly.

We're asking everyone in Yarra using our waste and recycling service to:

  1. Separate glass jars and bottles from other recycling.
    You can put glass jars and bottles that are empty, clean and have the lids off in your purple-lidded glass bin.
  2. Check which plastics can go in your recycling bin.
    Only plastic bottles labelled 1 and 2 and plastic food packaging labelled 5 can go in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
  3. Put your recycling and glass bins out fortnightly on alternating weeks.
    Check your new bin collection calendar to confirm which zone you are in, and which bins will be collected each week, or sign up for our bin collection SMS service to receive reminders. 

Download our information kit 

To help you make this change we have an information kit with everything you need to know (2.21MB, PDF) to sort your waste and recycling right. This will tell you exactly what goes in each bin and what you need to do. 

What size is my purple lidded glass bin?

All Yarra residents (who don't have a private waste service) have an 80-litre purple-lidded bin. This bin is for glass only and is the same capacity as your rubbish bin. We understand there may be space or access issues for some residents.

We ask that you try out your new bin to see if it works for you. If it is unmanageable, you can contact us to discuss your individual needs. Those with very limited space or mobility issues may be eligible to apply for a smaller mini bin. We also encourage you to share bins between neighbours.

If you live in an apartment block serviced by Council, you have a shared bin. 

If you live in Abbotsford, you have already been trialling the new glass bin, but you can swap over to an 80-litre glass bin after the initial roll out.

Learn more about what goes in each bin

How we recycle has changed so it’s important that you check what can go in each bin and update your recycling know-how.

Your purple-lidded glass bin is for glass jars and bottles (with no lids). Find out how to recycle glass.

Your yellow-lidded bin is for other recycling (such as clean paper, cardboard, plastic water bottles and aluminium cans), but what can go into this bin has changed. Check what can go in the yellow-lidded recycling bin.

Your rubbish bin is for all items that cannot be recycled and go to landfill.