Information for apartments with a private waste service

If you manage a multi-unit development or live in an apartment building in Yarra that has a private waste collection service (not serviced by Council), here are some resources to help you sort your rubbish and recycling.

You can download, print and laminate the posters and stickers on this page, then place them  above bin stations, chutes and disposal points in your building.

Bin posters


We also have a limited number of bin signage (large A1) and bin stickers (recycling, rubbish, paper and cardboard and unwanted items) available.

If you'd like to request some for your apartment complex, please email and tell us how many you need.

Resources to support better recycling in your apartment building

We know it can be challenging to get recycling right if you live in an apartment building with shared bins. If you're passionate about recycling and want to help yourself and/or your neighbours get it right, here are a few best-practice resources we recommend.

If you're a Yarra resident and would like more information on better recyling practices, please email us at