How to recycle glass using your purple-lidded bin

When glass is not separated from your other recyclables it creates problems for our recycling system. It often breaks into small pieces and gets mixed in with plastics and paper, making them harder to recycle. 

From November you will be able to recycle glass bottles and jars by putting them in your purple-lidded glass bin, however, not all glass can be recycled. Drinking glasses and other household glass should all go in your rubbish bin. Only clean glass bottles and jars, without lids, are accepted.

By separating glass jars and bottles using your glass bin we’re able to use what you throw away to make new glass products such as bottles, jars and even to resurface roads.

You can also bring any excess glass bottles or jars to our Yarra's Recycling Drop-off Centre in Clifton Hill. 

Your new glass bin 

All Yarra residents (except those in the Abbotsford trial area) will receive a new 80-litre purple-lidded glass bin. This bin is for glass only. 

If you live in an apartment block, we’ll provide you with a shared bin. 

If you live in Abbotsford, you have already been using a separate glass bin. You’ll have the option to swap over to a new 80-litre glass bin following the initial rollout.

If you are a business in Yarra currently using our rubbish and recycling service you'll get a new 80-litre glass bin too.

How to use your purple-lidded glass bin

This list helps you to understand what can and can’t go in your glass bin.

What can go in:

  • Glass jars (empty, no lids)
    • Pasta sauce, jam, condiments etc
  • Glass bottles, including broken bottles (empty, no lids)
    • Wine bottles
    • Beer bottles
    • Spirit (alcohol) bottles
    • Olive oil and sauce bottles

What cannot go in:  

Different types of glass melt at different temperatures, and so can’t all be recycled. This means we can’t accept the following in the glass bin.

  • Glassware for wine and cups
  • Broken crockery and other ceramics
  • Window and mirror glass
  • Light bulbs
  • Glass food storage containers or baking dishes (such as Pyrex) 
  • Perfume bottles, vases and other decorative glass items
  • Lids, corks etc.


  • Make sure all jars and bottles are empty and clean.
  • Remove lids from all jars and bottles.
  • Metal lids can go in the yellow-lidded recycling bin, but all other lids should go in the rubbish bin.
  • Any bottles that contain cigarette butts will be sent to landfill.
  • No need to remove labels.

For a quick reference guide you can download our glass bin poster which shows what can and can't go in your bin.

Download glass bin poster