Amendment C214

What does this amendment do?

This amendment proposes to introduce a heritage overlay on the properties at 77-79 Burnley Street and 1-9 Doonside Street (there is already a Heritage Overlay affecting 81-95 Burnley Street) and include the 3 properties in a heritage precinct, known as the Doonside heritage precinct.

In order to introduce the heritage overlay, a planning scheme amendment is required.

Which properties are affected by this amendment?

The amendment applies to three properties in Richmond:

  • 77-79 Burnley Street
  • 1-9 Doonside Street
  • 81-95 Burnley Street

Statutory documents that support the amendment

The statutory documents supporting the amendment are listed below-  (will be made available by Friday 30 June) 

Notice of Amendment C214

Explanatory Report - Amendment C214

Instruction Sheet Amendment C214

Clause 22.02 Heritage Policy

Schedule to the Heritage Overlay

Schedule to Clause 81.01

Heritage Overlay Map 1

Heritage Overlay Map 2

In addition, we engaged GJM Heritage Consultants to prepare the Heritage Citation which provides the strategic basis of the amendment.

Download the citation: Heritage Citation - Doonside Industrial Precinct - October 2016

How did we consult on this amendment?

We wrote to affected land owners and occupiers in November 2016 as part of the public exhibition of the amendment.

What did Council decide about the submissions?

At its meeting on 7 February 2017, Council resolved to refer the submissions to an independent planning panel.

Planning panel

The Panel Hearing to consider submissions and the Amendment was held over two days from 4 to 5 May 2017. The documents below are the expert witness statements presented to the Panel by Council and the land owner.

Heritage expert Bryce Raworth for land owner

Heritage expert Jim Gard'ner of GJM for Council

Heritage expert Lovell Chen for land owner

Planning expert Stuart McGurn of Urbis for land owner

What did the panel decide?

The Panel considered the Amendment and the submissions and concluded that the heritage significance of the precinct does not justify its inclusion in Heritage Overlay:

• 77-79 Burnley Street does not warrant a grading as a contributory building. Alterations to the building mean that property no longer contributes to an understanding of the former industrial use and little of the fabric to clearly demonstrate the inter-war Moderne architectural language remains.

• The two remaining properties cannot be justified as a legible precinct.

• While 1-9 Doonside Street could be considered contributory if a precinct existed, its inclusion in the Heritage Overlay as an individually significant building or in a group listing of significant Moderne industrial buildings has not been justified.

What did Council decide about the amendment?

Council decided the amendment at its meeting of 4 July 2017.  It was resolved to abandon the amendment as recommended by the Panel.

Where can I read a copy of the Panel report?

A copy of the panel report can be read here.