Amendment C209

Next steps 

Council considered the panel report for the amendment and adopted it on 15 August 2017. You can read the officer report and minutes here. The amendment has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval. 

What does this amendment do?

We are proposing to change our Licensed Premises Policy to improve the way licensed venues are managed in the City of Yarra.

Licensed premises such as pubs, bars and restaurants are part of what makes Yarra a vibrant and desirable place to live. They provide employment opportunities and contribute enormously to the local economy. They also support the social, artistic and cultural vibrancy of our city with live music, food and entertainment.

We must however, effectively manage the location, size, operation and opening hours of licensed premises in order to minimise any potential impacts on the local area, such as noise.

The aim of the proposed policy changes is to balance the needs of existing residents and the establishment of new licensed venues.

The changes would not apply to venues that have existing approvals already in place. They would only apply to new applications.

For us to implement changes to the Licensed Premises Policy, we need to make an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme.

Why is the amendment required and what does it do?

We are proposing to replace the existing policy to improve the way licensed premises are managed and provide clarity on where new premises are allowed to be established.

Changes to State Government planning policy meant that we had to update the local policies in the Yarra Planning Scheme. These State Government policies required that the cumulative impact of licenced premises needs to be considered when deciding planning permit applications for new licenced premises. They also introduced planning permit requirements for packaged liquor outlets.

The revised policy would be used by Council to inform decision making and to guide the assessment of planning permit applications relating to licensed venues.The revised policy will result in improvements to the assessment of planning applications, and will allow for on and off-site amenity impacts to be better managed.

The amendment implements actions from our Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017 and Night Time Economy Strategy 2014-1018.

How would the changes affect existing venues?

The changes would not apply to venues that have existing approvals already in place. They would only apply to new applications.

Can I see the statutory documents that support the amendment?

NoticeofPreparationofamendment exhibition

Yarra C209 Explanatory Report exhibition

Instruction_Sheet exhibition

Yarra C209 22_lpp09_yara exhibition

22_lpp09_yara Existing with track changes exhibition

22_lpp09_yara track changes post exhibition

22_lpp09_yara existing

Licensed Premises Policy background document May 2016

Can I see the policy reference documents which provide background to the amendment?

 01 Licensed Premises Policy background document

02 Practice Note 61 Assessing Cumulative Impact

03 Design Guidelines For Licenced Venues

04 Fact Sheet Maximum Patron Capacity

05 Reducing the alcohol and drug toll

06 ICEPT A Good Night For All

07 Yarra Health Plan 20132017

How did we consult on this amendment?

The amendment was publicly exhibited in October and December 2016.

We wrote to all affected residents and property owners inviting submissions to the amendment. We also held two community information sessions in late November 2016.

Council considered the written submissions in February 2017 and resolved to refer the submissions to an independent planning panel.

How can I find out further information?

For assistance and more information about the amendment, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or