Amendment C197

What land is affected by the amendment?

This amendment affects land in eleven areas. The areas are located in Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy and Clifton Hill; Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North and Fitzroy; Queens Parade, Fitzroy North and Clifton Hill; Hoddle Street, Richmond; Punt Road, Richmond and Burnley Street, Richmond. The one non-main road site is located at South Terrace, Clifton Hill.

What is the current zoning of the land?

All the land is currently zoned General Residential Zone (GRZ3).

These sites were previously identified as potential sites for application of the Residential Growth Zone (RGZ). The RGZ was proposed in mid-2014 as part of the introduction of the new residential zones. When the State Government changed in late 2014 the new Minister for Planning decided not to proceed with the RGZ and zoned them GRZ3 instead.

What does the amendment do?

The amendment proposes to change the current GRZ3 zone and replace it with different residential zones - some Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ1) and some General Residential Zone (GRZ2 or GRZ4).

The proposed zones are more restrictive than the current zone. They include mandatory height limits whereas the existing GRZ3 has a discretionary 9 metre height limit.

Can I see the statutory documents that support the amendment?

Here are the statutory documents that support the amendment

Explanatory Report exhibition



Summary table of residential zones and schedules approved 2015 V2 updated without C176

Yarra C197 001znMaps01_02 Exhibition Nicholson and Miller St

Yarra C197 002znMap01 Exhibition Alexandra Pde and Nicholson

Yarra C197 003znMap02 Exhibition Queens Parade

Yarra C197 004znMap02 Exhibition South Terrace and Alexandra P

Yarra C197 005znMap06 Exhibition York St Erin St Hoddle St

Yarra C197 006znMaps06_08 Exhibition Napier L Tanner St Punt Rd

 Yarra C197 007znMap07 Exhibition Buckingham Murphy St Burnley St

Yarra C197 008znMaps08_09 Exhibition Dickens to Newry St Burnley Street

The explanatory report contains more details about the amendment.

Yarra C197 Part 2 Panel Report

How did we consult with the community?

We sought community feedback on the amendment when it was exhibited in November/December 2015.

Why is the amendment split into three parts?

Following the community consultation, Council considered fourteen submissions in response to the amendment its meeting of 16 February 2016. At that meeting, Council resolved to split the amendment into two parts and abandon a third part of it.

Part 1 deals includes properties where there were no opposing submissions. It includes

  • 310-364 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy;
  • 104-248 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North;
  • 43-61 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill;
  • 406 Wellington Street & 56-100 Alexandra Parade, Clifton Hill;
  • 199-327 Punt Road, Richmond; and
  • 244-342 (west side) & 187-367 (east side) Burnley Street, Richmond (excluding those areas in the NRZ1);

Part 2 deals with the parts which had opposing submissions. It includes

  • 10-84 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy;
  • 95-187 Hoddle Street, Richmond; and
  • 47 Murphy Street, 158-160 Kent Street, 177-179 Somerset Street, 86-134 (west side) & 97-115 (east side) Burnley Street, Richmond (north of Bridge Road).

Part 3 deals with parts of the amendment that were abandoned when submissions were considered. It includes

  • 892-900 Nicholson Street, & 3-9 Miller Street, Fitzroy North
  • 1 South Terrace and 160 Gold Street, Clifton Hill

What has happened since then?

Part 1 was approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect 27 October 2016.

Part 2 was referred to an independent panel which held a hearing 24 June 2016. You can read the panel report here.

The Panel Report was considered at the Council meeting 19 September 2016. Council adopted Part 2 as exhibited and without the change recommended by the Planning Panel.

The Part 2 amendment has been submitted for approval by the Minister for Planning.

Council abandoned Part 3 of the amendment on 16 February 2016. As a result, Part 3 ceased to be part of the amendment and will not be included in the Planning Scheme.