Urban Design

We adopted our Urban Design Strategy (UDS) in June 2011.

The Urban Design Strategy is designed is a guide for planners, designers and decision-makers to help improve Yarra's urban design in a dynamic, ever-changing urban environment.

Promote good design outcomes

Due to its inner-city location, Yarra experiences significant pressure for redevelopment and land use change. The purpose of the UDS is to promote good design outcomes that contribute to a coherent and appealing urban environment and encourage continuity, growth and change.

Future developments in Yarra

The Urban Design Strategy also acknowledges that future developments in Yarra will need to achieve better environmental outcomes. Good urban design should ensure Yarra is an attractive and interesting place for tourists to visit and residents and businesses to locate.

The Urban Design Strategy recognises that the need to achieve good design outcomes at an individual site level should be balanced with a greater focus on collectively improving the quality of urban design across Yarra.

For more information, call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

Urban Design Frameworks and Streetscape Masterplans

Urban Design Frameworks (UDF) aim to provide guidance for the future development of various precincts in Yarra.

The frameworks deal with the design of buildings, public spaces, pedestrian and vehicle access, and landscape themes. The framework also includes environmental, social, economic or cultural objectives.

Once a UDF is endorsed by Council, it becomes a strategic planning framework, not a rigid master plan.

These frameworks are significant pieces of work and involve several rounds of community consultation.

Council has developed the following UDFs.

Victoria Street East Precinct

In 2004 we adopted the Victoria Street East Precinct Urban Design Framework (UDF) and resolved to request the Minister for Planning to approve Amendment C75 to the Yarra Planning Scheme to incorporate the UDF into the scheme. This was later approved in November 2005.

A copy of the framework can be found here: Victoria Street East Precinct UDF

North Fitzroy Gasworks Precinct

We prepared an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the area known as the Gasworks Precint, between Queens Parade, Alexandra Parade and Smith Street, North Fitzroy.

The wider precinct also includes some commercial and industrial properties east of Smith Street on the south side of Queens Parade and the north side of Alexandra Parade.

A copy of the framework can be found here: North Fitzroy Gasworks Precinct UDF

Cremorne and Church Street Precinct

This framework aims to support redevelopment that contributes to Cremorne as a mixed-use area, while supporting strategic aims to develop employment opportunities in the area.  It will assist in identifying physical improvements to public transport, roads, footpaths and parks. 

A copy of the framework can be found here: Cremorne and Church Street UDF

Richmond Town Hall Precinct

In 2007, we adopted our Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Richmond Town Hall Precinct.

The framework aims to consolidate the precinct as a community hub which would encourage economic, environmental and social benefits.

A copy of the framework can be found here: Richmond Town Hall Precinct UDF

Collingwood Town Hall Precinct 

In 2010 we adopted an Urban Design Framework for the Collingwood Town Hall precinct.

The framework aims to provide guidance for the future development of the precinct generally bounded by Hoddle, Vere, Park, and Gipps streets, and deals with the design of buildings, public spaces, pedestrian and vehicle access, and landscape themes.

A copy of the framework can be found here: Collingwood Town Hall UDF

Victoria Street Streetscape Masterplan

We adopted the Victoria Street Streetscape Masterplan to guide future streetscape improvements in the Victoria Street precinct which extends for 2.1 kilometres from Hoddle Street to the Yarra River.

A copy of the masterplan can be found here: Victoria Street Streetscape Masterplan

Have Your Say - Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan

We are now developing a Streetscape Masterplan for Brunswick Street (between Alexandra Parade and Victoria Parade) and we would like to hear from you.

The Masterplan will seek to improve existing public spaces and connections, and to create a more appealing setting for the distinctive precincts along Brunswick Street.Your feedback will help inform the development of the draft Masterplan.

There will also be further opportunities to contribute ideas and feedback to the draft Masterplan in early-mid 2017. To find out more, give us a call on 9205 5555.