Community infrastructure planning

We are committed to delivering flexible community infrastructure that meets the needs of the whole community.

Yarra’s population is growing and the needs and preferences for our services are changing. The need to provide well located, well designed and properly maintained community infrastructure will produce better quality outcomes for our community.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our vision for community infrastructure planning


To identify current and future needs so that Council can deliver and influence the provision of quality, flexible and responsive community infrastructure to support a prosperous, liveable and sustainable City of Yarra.

Our 3 goals of community infrastructure planning

  • Build and support a safe, healthy and cohesive community
  • Create a sustainable city with responsive and flexible community infrastructure
  • Embed a holistic approach in planning and delivery

Our Strategic Community Infrastructure Framework

Our Strategic Community Infrastructure Framework considers current and future community infrastructure needs and supports us and other community infrastructure providers to anticipate and respond to those needs.

The framework is made-up of 4 components:



Context Paper

Sets out Yarra’s approach to community infrastructure planning; how community infrastructure planning integrates with existing Council policies and strategies; and the challenges and opportunities for planning and delivery. Delivered: Dec 2016.

Community Infrastructure Planning Policy (Policy)

Outlines Council’s vision and goals for community infrastructure planning; the Community Infrastructure Planning Principles, and the ways Council will research, engage and advocate with stakeholders to plan and address current and future needs. Delivered: Dec 2016.

10 Community Infrastructure Neighbourhood Plans (Neighbourhood Plans)

The Neighbourhood Plans demonstrate the process of applying the Policy. There is one plan for each of Yarra’s neighbourhoods which are being developed progressively one by one. Delivery: 2017-2018.

Monitoring and evaluation

Outlines how performance of the SCIF will be measured and progress tracked. Delivery: On going.

Neighbourhood plans

The Neighbourhood Plans are a key way that we will enact our Community Infrastructure Policy and is a key part of the Strategic Community Infrastructure Framework.

We have considered the community needs including the areas of arts and culture, early years, flexible multi-purpose community space, libraries, neighbourhood centres, open space, public realm, recreation and leisure services, youth and middle years.

We are delivering the Neighbourhood Plans one by one. These plans are supported through research, analysis and evidence.

What does the neighbourhood plan take into consideration?

  • current and forecast population and needs
  • the adequacy of existing community infrastructure
  • ways to meet needs through cost-effective means such as partnerships, collaboration, joint-use agreements and developer contributions.

What community infrastructure is included in the neighbourhood plans?

The Neighbourhood Plans focus primarily on council-owned community infrastructure.

The in-scope community infrastructure responds to community needs for:

  • Arts and culture
  • Early years
  • Family Services
  • Flexible multi-purpose community space
  • Libraries
  • Neighbourhood centres
  • Open space
  • Public realm
  • Recreation and leisure services
  • Young people and middle years.

The Neighbourhood Plans also acknowledge the role of community infrastructure provided by other levels of government, not-for-profit organisations and the private sector.

View the Richmond South Community Infrastructure Neighbourhood Plan

View our Community Infrastructure Planning Policy

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