Queerways retracing queer footprints

Queer-ways: Retracing Queer Footprints

Explore the queer history of the City of Yarra’s rainbow communities, guided by voices and music from the local queer community. Visit the Queer-ways website for more information.

The Mural

The Retracing Queer Footprints mural on Little Smith Street is a timeline of some of Melbourne’s Queer History. The mural gives context to the audio locations of significance and important events covered in the audio tours so that listeners can understand the political and social changes that have impacted the LGBTQIA+ community through time.  

The mural does not share the whole story of queer history but is a summary of some of the LGBTQIA+ community’s significant events. It's also not the end of our history as queer people continue to shape our city, just as they have throughout our history.

The Audio Tours

The Retracing Queer Footprints audio tours introduce you to locations of significance you may not know before or take you on a walk down memory lane.

There are three audio tours to choose from where you can listen and follow along as Queer-ways artists LUCIANO and Georgia Keats take you on a spoken journey and introduce you to locations of queer significance throughout the City of Yarra.

Two tours start at the mural and you can do one and then the other. Alternatively start at Melbourne Polytechnic, which used to be the site of the Fairfield Infectious Disease Hospital which was the main site for the treatment and research for HIV/AIDS in Victoria.

Joining you in your ears on the journey will be voices of local LGBTQIA+ people, health professionals who worked at the hospital and music produced by Maize Wallin and Jennifer Loveless.

Retracing Queer Footprints WEST starting at the mural, Little Smith Street

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Retracing Queer Footprints EAST starting at the mural, Little Smith Street

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Retracing Queer Footprints FAIRFIELD starting at The Gate House on Yarra Bend Road, Melbourne Polytechnic

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Retracing Queer Footprints has been made possible through the support of Yarra City Council through Yarra City Arts, City Heritage, Community Partnerships and Yarra Libraries, Midsumma for Melbourne Pride - A Road to Pride and the State Government of Victoria.