Smart benches

Smart Bench Atherton cropped

You can charge your device or connect to free Wi-Fi at one of three Smart Benches located in the City of Yarra.

These benches are the first of their kind in inner city Melbourne, and are powered by 100% renewable solar energy.

We are partnering with Eco Renewable Energy (ERE), who are providing and maintaining the benches at no cost to Yarra.

Project snapshot

3 smart bench minis for 6 months, free Wifi, USB mobile charging, powered 100% by solar energy, Envrionmental sensors, Digital assets including IOS and Andriod apps

What data is being measured?

Built-in environmental sensors collect and share real-time data about air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure and noise levels.

See this information for each location on ERE’s website.

Where are the Smart Bench locations?

Select the links below for a map showing the location of each smart bench:

How can I access the free Wi-Fi?

  1. Once you are within 25 meters of the bench, navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Select “'Yarra Smart Bench Wi-Fi”.
  3. A loading page will appear asking you to connect.
  4. Select yes and you will be connected to the internet.

How can I charge my phone or tablet? Do I need a cord?

The bench has two wireless charging pads that you can just rest your device on. However if your device is not compatible with wireless charging you can bring along a USB cord to connect to the bench.

What atmospheric data are the benches collecting?

The Smart Bench Mini is able to determine the air pressure, humidity and temperature. See this information will be made public in real time on ERE’s website.

What is the carbon footprint of the benches?

As the Benches uses Solar Panels for power there is no carbon footprint associated with the power provided to users, the weather sensors or the free Wi-Fi.

What user data is being collected and how will it be used?

The only data being collected is the type of device connected, how long a device spent charging, and connections to the Wi-Fi. This information will be used to gauge the success of the program. Your personal information is not collected.

What are these benches costing Yarra?

Our industry partner Eco Renewable Energy has provided three Smart Bench Minis to Yarra Council for a 6+ month pilot program at no cost. ERE is also providing the Wi-Fi data and bench maintenance.

What maintenance is required?

The Smart Bench Minis are built to withstand all weather conditions and require no technical maintenance. If the benches are damaged, Yarra will notify ERE, which will carry out necessary repairs.

Where can I find out more?