Standing Advisory Committee and Draft Amendments

Yarra City Council is currently progressing a series of proposed changes to the planning scheme to introduce built form and design requirements in areas that are experiencing greater pressure for development. 

In late 2020, the Victorian Minister for Planning invited Yarra City Council to appoint an Advisory Committee to help implement built form and design requirements across Yarra’s activity centres and associated areas more efficiently. 

Council considered the Minister’s offer at its Council meeting on 2 March 2021 and decided to request the Minister for Planning set up and appoint a Standing Advisory Committee. 

Role of the Committee and more information

The Yarra Activity Centres Standing Advisory Committee (the Committee) was appointed by the Minister for Planning on 9 August 2021 to provide timely advice to the Minister and Yarra City Council on referred planning matters and associated draft Yarra Planning Scheme provisions for Yarra’s strip shopping centres (activity centres) and other areas of urban change. 

The objective of the Committee is to provide consistent advice in a transparent, simpler, more timely and cost-efficient process on any proposed new planning provisions referred to it by the Minister.

The Committee is administered by Planning Panels Victoria. More information about the Committee can be viewed on Planning Panels Victoria's website.

Council has prepared an Information Sheet that explains more about why the Committee was set up and what the process includes.


Council has resolved to progress two draft amendments through this process and it is anticipated that it will consider draft amendments to refer to the Committee over the next 12 to 18 months. 

There are six steps in the process to consider the draft amendments.


Terms of reference

The Minister for Planning issued the Yarra Activity Centre Standing Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference (PDF).

This document helps guide the committee's work.

Draft planning scheme amendments

In April and May 2021, we've resolved to progress two draft amendments. 

  • Amendment C291 - Bridge Road and Victoria Street

    This Amendment introduces permanent built form and design provisions to manage growth for Bridge Road and Victoria Street.

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  • Amendment C293 - Collingwood South Precinct

    This Amendment introduces permanent built form and design requirements for the Collingwood South Precinct.

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Further details of the two draft Yarra Planning Scheme Amendments, and the next steps in the process, will be available in coming weeks. 

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