Amendment C243 - 433 Smith Street Former Fitzroy North Gasworks site


What did the amendment do?

The amendment allowed the redevelopment of the land at 433 Smith Street – the Fitzroy North former gasworks site.

The amendment rezoned the land from Public Use Zones 1 and 6 and Commercial 2 Zone to Mixed Use Zone and Public Use Zone 2.

It also:

  • introduced Schedule 16 to the Development Plan Overlay into the Yarra Planning Scheme and applies it to the site;
  • applied an Environmental Audit Overlay to the land; and
  • amended the schedule to Clause 61.01 to make the Minister for Planning the responsible authority

The redevelopment of the site for medium to high density residential development, with heights ranging from 6 to 10 storeys, supports the relevant policies in Plan Melbourne to meet the needs of Victoria’s growing population. This will facilitate the development of the site for a new residential community.

Can I read the supporting documents?

You can read the supporting documents by clicking on the links below:

Amendment C243