Amendments C218 and C219 Trenerry Crescent

Leafy street with brick buildings down one side

The amendments were approved by the Minister for Planning and formed part of the Yarra Planning Scheme from 26 July 2018. 

What did amendment C218 do?

The amendment rezoned land at 18-62 Trenerry Crescent from Commercial 2 to Commercial 1 and applied an Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO) to control the form of the new development proposed on the site. 

The maximum building height for future development is proposed to be 25 metres with lower heights proposed for buildings along the river.

What did amendment C219 do?

The amendment rezoned the land from the Commercial 2 zone to the Mixed Use Zone and applied a Development Plan Overlay (DPO).

The DPO provides a framework for future development and sets out site specific conditions, including a maximum building height of 25 metres with lower heights leading down to the river.

Supporting documents

You can read the supporting documents on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's website:

Further information

For assistance and more information about the amendment, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or

Sixth step in planning scheme amendment process