Amendment C185 – 462-482 Swan Street Richmond

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The amendment was then approved by the Minister for Planing and became part of the Yarra Planning Scheme from 25 January 2018.  

In approving the amendment, the Minister made changes that had been recommended by the independent planning panel.  The changes replace the mandatory height controls with discretionary controls.

What land was affected by the amendment?

The amendment applied to land at 462-482 Swan Street, Richmond.

What did the amendment do?

The proposal was for a Section 96A application, which proposed:

1. an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme to:

  • rezone the land from the Commercial 2 Zone to a Commercial 1 Zone;
  • introduce a new Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 14) to the planning scheme; and
  • introduce an Environmental Audit Overlay on the land

2. a planning permit to be considered at the same time as the amendment. The permit application was for:

  • the construction of two multi-level residential buildings
  • a supermarket
  • retail shops
  • offices
  • a gym with a pool
  • a reduction in the provision of car parking
  • five per cent of the housing constructed on the site to be affordable housing.

Statutory documents

The statutory documents are available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website. 

Further information

For assistance and more information about the amendment, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or

Sixth step in planning scheme amendment process