Amendment C183

What does the amendment do?

The amendment aims to protect the historic character of Richmond in the area bounded by Bridge Road, Swan Street, Church Street and the Yarra River. The amendment proposes the introduction of a Heritage Overlay over a number of properties in the area.

Specifically, the amendment proposes to:

  • Apply the Heritage Overlay over 11 new heritage precincts
  • Apply the Heritage Overlay over 25 individual properties (places not in precincts)
  • Amend three existing Heritage Overlay precincts and a number of individual places that are already in the Heritage Overlay.

Which properties are affected by the amendment?

Here is a full list of properties affected by the amendment. 

Can I see the statutory documents supporting this amendment?

The statutory documents are below:

Amendment C183 Explanatory Report

Amendment List C183

C183 Social and Economic Impacts

Clause 2202 Development Guidelines Subject to the Heritage Overlay

Clause 4301s Schedule to the Heritage Overlay

Instruction sheet C183

Notice of Amendment C183_readvertised

Heritage overlay maps

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 1

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 2

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 3

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 4

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 5

Yarra C183 Heritage Overlay Map 6

How did we consult on this amendment?

We sought community feedback about the amendment in April and May 2015. A number of submissions were received and considered at a Council meeting on 23 June 2015. At that meeting, Council considered submissions from the community and resolved to undertake further consultation for the proposed Amendment C183.

Council conducted a second round of community consultation in August 2015.

Council considered the submissions at its meeting on Tuesday 20 October, 2015, and resolved to request the Minister for Planning appoint an independent planning panel to consider the issues raised in submissions.

What did the planning panel say about the amendment?

The Panel Report is available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website. 

What did Council decide about amendment after it considered the panel report?

At its meeting on 23 August 2016, Council adopted Amendment C183 with the changes recommended by the Planning Panel in its report.

In addition to a number of minor changes which included the removal or re-grading of some properties, three precincts were deleted from the amendment:

  • Coppin Street Precinct
  • Park Avenue Precinct
  • Bellevue Estate Precinct

You can read the detailed changes to the amendment which are outlined in the Council report (23 August 2016) and Council resolution

We have submitted the amendment Minister for Planning for final approval.

Ministerial approval

Amendment C183 was approved by the Minister for Planning and incorporated in to the Yarra Planning Scheme on 15 June 2017.