Amendment C280 32-68 Mollison Street Abbotsford

The owners of 32-68 Mollison Street, Abbotsford (AH Meydan Pty Ltd) have approached Yarra Council to amend the planning controls on their land. This would enable them to build on a section of this property within an allowable building height from 5 storeys (23m) to 7 storeys (32m). This section of the property will be in keeping with other allowable heights in this employment area.

An amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, known as Amendment C280, is needed in order to change the planning controls on this land. 

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Why is Amendment C280 being prepared?

The planning scheme zones all land to reflect different land uses. These zones categorize how land is used and there are specific rules related to each zone. 

The current zoning for the land at 32-68 Mollison Street is the Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO) – Schedule 1 (IPO1) which allows a building height of up to 5 storeys for the site as a whole. The site currently carries a live planning permit to develop a 5-storey building covering the site as a whole. This IPO has very minimal urban design requirements to guide good built form outcomes. 

Amendment C280 allows for an increase to the height limit from 5 storeys (23m) to 7 storeys (32m) on a section of the land. This proposed height is consistent with surrounding similar types of development.

The current IPO doesn’t provide: 

  • appropriate upper level separation along 150m of Mollison Street; 
  • sufficient active frontage for a safe interface between the street and the building; 
  • two-way traffic on Little Nicholson Street 
  • a control that restricts vehicle access points to and from Victoria Crescent and Mollison Street.

Amendment C280 will address these issues and ensure the appropriate planning required to facilitate and guide the scale, mass and bulk of the new development for better built form outcomes. 

The land is currently zoned Commercial 2 Zone and the property is currently used as office space. The zoning will remain unchanged.

What does Amendment C280 Yarra do? 

The amendment proposes: 

  • Replacement of the existing Incorporated Plan Overlay - Schedule 1 (IPO1); to provide an updated Schedule 1 (IPO1) with the new form and content; 
  • Deletion of the IPO1 from the property at 61-69 William Street, Abbotsford (already developed); and 
  • Amendment of Clause 72.04 to replace the incorporated document “32-68 Mollison Street and 61-69 William Street, Abbotsford July 2013” with “32 – 68 Mollison Street Incorporated Plan (March 2021)”

The proposed IPO1 will provide certainty for the outcome of the built form by: 

  • Providing active frontages towards Mollison Street and Victoria Crescent and removing vehicle access from Victoria Crescent; 
  • Avoiding overshadowing of the southern footpath of Mollison Street between 10 am and 2 pm on 22 September; 
  • Introducing a defined range of street wall heights from three to four storeys: three storeys to Little Mollison Street and four storeys to the corner of Mollison Street and Victoria Crescent; 
  • Introducing a setback above the street wall of 3 metres from northern boundary, Mollison Street, Victoria Crescent and Little Nicholson Street to create a more distinctive break between the podium (lower level) and upper levels and assist in managing the appearance of visual bulk at upper levels;
  • Continuing the chamfered (or splayed) corner of Mollison St and Victoria Crescent to mark this corner and provide a generous pedestrian standing area;
  • Providing upper-level building separation (minimum 6m building separation from the 4th Storey and above) and design treatments so that the upper level forms appear as separate buildings rather than a solid mass;
  • Varying the height across the site that responds to the emerging heights of adjacent approvals. This coupled with upper level building separation has the following benefits; reduces the appearance of visual bulk from adjacent buildings, Mollison St and streets to the south of the subject site which is low scale residential development; and creates a perception of multiple buildings of varying heights rather than one large monolithic building.

The amendment also provides the following community benefit outcomes: 

  • A ground level setback along Little Nicholson Street to enable two-way traffic movements;
  • A contribution to install a formal, raised pedestrian crossing at the Mollison Street and Victoria Crescent intersection for safer pedestrian movement. 

These community benefits are negotiated with the proponent to facilitate the orderly development of the area. 

Two Section 173 agreements will be signed between Council and the proponent to ensure their delivery.

Proposed indicative framework plan

C280 plan


Submissions will be made available in hard copy at Planning Counter, Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road, Richmond 3121).

An amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme must follow the process legislated by the State Government in the Planning and Environment Act (1987). Due to this, Yarra Council has made a copy of every submission available on request, free of charge until two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses.

What stage is the Amendment at? 

There are six stages in a Planning Scheme Amendment. Amendment C280yara is currently in the third stage. This means that Yarra Council is reviewing the written submissions. After consideration of all written submissions, the matter will be placed before Council for further deliberation. A letter will be sent inviting all the submitters to attend this meeting once the date has been confirmed. 

 Third step in planning scheme amendment process

C280 amendment documents:

You can also read the Council Report and minutes from the council meeting on 1 September 2020.

Find out more about the Amendment

View a copy of the full Amendment including the explanatory report, amendment documents and supporting reports, in person at the Planning Counter, Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road Richmond VIC 3121.

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