Amendment C272yara - Heidelberg Road Interim


About the Amendment

On the 17 December 2019, Council resolved to request that Minister for Planning consider the approval of proposed interim built form controls (interim Design and Development Overlay/DDO) for Heidelberg Road. The documentation was sent to the Minister in January 2020.

The Amendment introduces an interim DDOs to the Yarra Planning Scheme for approximately 2 years.

What stage is this amendment at and what are the next steps?

Decision on Amendment C272yara

On 12 September 2021, the Minister for Planning decided to approve Amendment C272yara with changes. The Amendment will be gazetted in a Government Gazette and come into effect on 22 October 2021.

The following was approved:

  • Interim Gazetted DDO18 – Heidelberg Road Corridor (Note: Includes height changes as per Council Resolution from 4 February 2020)

You can find all approved amendment documentation on DELWP's website

Key changes that were made to the requested amendment are:

  • The approved interim DDO includes no mandatory controls – all built form requirements and overshadowing requirements are preferred;
  • Minor fixes and adjustments, such as:
    • Relocation of front setback requirements to precinct specific sections;
    • Restructuring and renumbering of sub-sections;
    • Wording clarifications;
  • Interim DDO18 was approved for 18 months instead of 2 years; and
  • Interim Heritage Overlays were not supported.

Land affected by the Amendment

See the Overview map of proposed interim DDO.

Local Area Plan (LAP)

With officers from the City of Darebin we prepared:

  • Background Issues and Discussion Paper; and
  • Draft Heidelberg Road Corridor Local Area Plan.

The issues paper is a stock-take of the biggest known issues to inform the LAP draft. The draft LAP provides a basis for future consultation on the general direction of Heidelberg Road, particularly the commercial precincts. Timing of future consultation will be informed by Darebin progress on background projects. More information on the Heidelberg Road Local Area Plan can be found here.


Are we seeking permanent controls? 

Consultation on the draft local area plan alongside Darebin City Council and on Yarra’s requested interim DDO18 and HOs 511 and 512 is now complete.

We are considering feedback and the intention is to start the amendment process for permanent built form provisions in 2022.

Further information

For more information read the relevant documents here:

Built Form Framework

Heritage Review

Local Area Plan

Council Report