Amendment C272 - Heidelberg Road Interim


About the amendment

Council has requested the Minister for Planning to consider the approval of proposed interim built form controls (interim Design and Development Overlays/DDOs) for Heidelberg Road.

If approved, the proposed interim DDOs would be temporary only and be included in the Yarra Planning Scheme for approximately 2 years.

See the Overview map of proposed interim DDO.

Local Area Plan (LAP)

With officers from the City of Darebin we prepared:

  • Background Issues and Discussion Paper; and
  • Draft Heidelberg Road Corridor Local Area Plan.

The issues paper is a stock-take of the biggest known issues to inform the LAP draft. The draft LAP provides a basis for future consultation on the general direction of Heidelberg Road, particularly the commercial precincts. Timing of future consultation will be informed by Darebin progress on background projects. More information on the Heidelberg Road Local Area Plan can be found here.

Are we seeking permanent controls? 

We will be seeking permanent controls once the current gap of built form guidance has been addressed and some background work on comprehensive, area-based planning to inform future consultation has been completed. Once this is completed, Council will undertake public consultation and prepare area-based plans to inform the future direction of Heidelberg Road.

These will help to inform the preparation of full planning scheme amendments for built form controls. Permanent controls for the precincts will go on public exhibition as part of the planning amendment process.

This is anticipated to occur alongside Darebin City Council, which is preparing relevant background information throughout 2020

Further information

For more information read the relevant documents here:

Design and Development Overlays

Built Form Framework

Heritage Review

Local Area Plan

Council Report