Amendment C270yara – Request for Interim Planning Controls for Stage 1 Fitzroy & Collingwood


Decision on C270yara 

On 20 August 2021, under delegation from the Minister for Planning the Department for Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) decided to approve Amendment C270yara with changes. The Amendment will be gazetted in a Government Gazette and come into effect on 27 August 2021.

Out of the 9 interim Design and Development Overlays (DDOs) that were requested by Council, the following interim DDOs were approved:

You can find all approved amendment documentation on DELWP's website

According to the approval, “It has been demonstrated these areas are experiencing development pressure, warranting introduction of interim controls.” A decision on the other requested interim DDOs was not made.

 Key changes that were made to the requested interim DDOs are:

  • The approved interim DDOs include no mandatory controls – all built form requirements (this change is most relevant to interim DDO30, 35 and heritage properties in interim DDOs 36 and 36) and overshadowing requirements (this change is relevant to all interim DDOs) are preferred;
  • Additional conditions to assess proposals that intend to exceed preferred heights were not included; and
  • Interim DDO30 is no longer applicable to Victoria Street, west of Brunswick St.

What stage is this amendment at and what are the next steps?


About the amendment

On the 17 December 2019, Council resolved to request that Minister for Planning consider the approval of proposed interim built form controls (interim Design and Development Overlays/DDOs) for activity centres in Fitzroy & parts of Collingwood. The documentation was sent to the Minister in January 2020.

If approved, the proposed interim DDOs would be temporary only and be included in the Yarra Planning Scheme for approximately 2 years.

A decision has not been made yet. We will provide information as soon as a decision is public.

The proposed interim DDOs cover:

  • Brunswick Street
  • Smith Sreet
  • Gertrude Street
  • Johnston Street (between Smith and Nicholson)
  • Fitzroy East MUZ area, north of Johnston Street
  • Small MUZ pockets behind Brunswick and Smith Street

See the Overview map of proposed interim DDOs  For details on each proposed interim DDO, see below.


Are we seeking permanent controls?

Council will undertake public consultation to inform the future built form changes of these centres. This is likely to occur around mid to late 2021. This will inform future permanent design and development overlays that would be recommended to Council, likely in late 2021 or early 2022.

Further information

For more information read the relevant documents here:

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