Amendment C245 – Heritage overlay and zone fix up

Yarra City Council is proposing to correct heritage overlay, zone anomalies and errors in the Yarra Planning Scheme. These changes will be introduced through an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, known as Amendment C245.

Why have we prepared this amendment?

This Amendment applies recommendations from recent heritage studies and corrects Heritage Overlay and zone anomalies in the Yarra Planning Scheme. It also updates the Yarra Planning Scheme to refer to these studies and corrects or changes the heritage significance of some sites. 

Where has this amendment come from? 

This Amendment is derived from a number of different projects. Recent heritage studies have been conducted in Collingwood, Richmond, Fitzroy North and Clifton Hill to inform planning controls. These studies identified a number of gaps in the heritage controls for a number of individually significant buildings.
Yarra City Council also maintains a list of errors and anomalies that can be found in the heritage overlay of properties located in Yarra. 

What does the Amendment propose to do? 

You can use the interactive map below to view the changes proposed in Amendment C245. For a larger version of the map or to search for your property view this map in a new window.

For more information, you can read a summary of key terms. 


The amendment will:

  •  correct the zone boundaries of 11 properties covered by more than one zone, in Fitzroy, Fitzroy North and Richmond
  • apply internal heritage controls to the following properties:

o 200-202 Johnston Street, Collingwood
o 311-317 Bridge Rad, Richmond 
o 365-377 Swan Street, Richmond

  •  include the following properties as individually significant places and remove them from previous precinct heritage overlays:

o 200-202 Johnston Street, Collingwood (HO499)
o 311-317 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO504)
o 637-639 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO525)
o 35 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO528)
o 529-533 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO529)
o 597-599 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO530)
o 534-534A Bridge Road, Richmond(HO531)
o 325-333 Bridge Road, Richmond (HO532)

  • remove interim controls and apply permanent heritage overlays to the following properties in Richmond to provide increase heritage protection:

o 18-22 Derby Street, Collingwood (HO102) 
o 33-45 Derby Street, Collingwood (HO336)
o 202-206 Church Street, Richmond (HO526)
o 32 & 34 Thomas Street, Richmond (HO527)

  • remove the expired interim heritage controls from 21 – 23 Lithgow Street, Abbotsford
  • correct the heritage overlay mapping of 14 properties located in Abbotsford Alphington, Collingwood, Cremorne, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, and Richmond
  • regrade 11 properties to ‘not contributory’ to the heritage character of the area

What else does the Amendment do?

In more detail, the amendment would make the following changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme:

  • insert a new Schedule to Clause 21.11 - Reference Documents and 22.02 - Development Guidelines for Sites Subject to the Heritage Overlay to include the relevant studies for the amendment.
  • re-name the existing incorporated document Appendix 8 - City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas, Graeme Butler and Associates (2007), revised February 2018, to City of Yarra Database of Heritage Significant Areas, July 2019
  • insert a new Schedule to Clause 43.01 – Heritage Overlay to amend and include new heritage overlays.
  • insert a new Schedule to Clause 72.04 - Documents Incorporated in the Planning Scheme to refer to the re-named incorporated document, City of Yarra Database of Heritage Significant Areas, July 2019.

You can read the explanatory report for more details. A summary of places affected lists the properties involved. The Heritage Studies: Theatres, Bridge Road, Victoria Street and corrections to heritage and zone anomalies is a report prepared by us assessing the proposed changes.

Amendment documents

Amendment C245 Supporting Documents

 Amendment C245 Heritage Studies

What stage is the amendment at?

This Amendment is at the Exhibition phase. 

We have prepared Amendment C245 to the Yarra Planning Scheme and the Minister for Planning has authorised us to put the amendment on public exhibition. 

We will exhibit this Amendment from Thursday 18 July 2019 to Monday 19 August 2019. During this time, community members can make a written submission on the amendment. 



Step 2 in planning scheme amendment process

How do I make a submission? 

Submissions must be made in writing and received by 5pm on Monday 19 August 2019 (please use Amendment C245 – Submission in the subject field)

When you make a submission, please include your name and contact details to ensure that you continue to be part of the process. You will be contacted when Yarra Council is ready to consider the proposed amendment and given the opportunity to speak in support of your submission (or to have someone speak on your behalf).

Please note that we are required to make a copy of every submission available at our office for any person to inspect free of charge for two months after the Amendment comes into operation or lapses.

Public Viewing

You can read a full copy of the proposed Amendment C245 documentation online, or it can be viewed at:

  • Planning Counter, Richmond Town Hall – 333 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121
  • Information Counter, Collingwood Town Hall – 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
  • The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Website -

Next Steps

Following the exhibition period, Council will consider submissions at a Council Meeting. We anticipate that we will receive a number of submissions, so it is likely that we will need to seek the appointment of an independent Planning Panel to assess them.

If a Planning Panel is appointed, submitters would have the opportunity to make further submissions before the panel issues its recommendations. 

Find out more about the Planning Scheme Amendment process.