Amendment C238 - Development Contributions Plan

We have prepared Amendment C238 to the Yarra Planning Scheme. The amendment proposes to introduce a Development Contributions Plan Overlay to the entire municipality of Yarra.

The amendment is on public exhibition from Thursday 23 August until Friday 21 September 2018. You are welcome to make a written submission to the amendment during this time.

What does Amendment C238 propose to do? 

The amendment places a Development Contributions Plan Overlay over the entire municipality of Yarra.

The Development Contributions Plan would require developers to pay a contribution towards essential city infrastructure like roads and footpaths, as well as community facilities (for example, a new community centre).

The purpose of the plan is to ensure that the cost of providing new infrastructure and upgrading existing infrastructure is shared between developers and the wider community on a fair and reasonable basis.

The details are outlined in the Development Contributions Plan 2017 incorporated document. This document would be incorporated into the Yarra Planning Scheme.

Where would the amendment apply? 

The Development Contributions Plan would apply to all land within the City of Yarra.

It would apply to all new residential dwellings (not reinstatements or renovations of existing residences) as well as commercial and industrial developments where new floor space is being added.

What infrastructure projects would the Development Contributions Plan fund?

We have identified an extensive list of infrastructure projects that would be eligible to be funded under the plan.

You can view the full list of projects in the Development Contributions Plan 2017 incorporated document.

The list of projects was developed based on a number of capital works infrastructure studies undertaken over several years, including the Capital Works Program identified within Council’s Long Term Financial Strategy 2017/18 to 2026/27. 

In total, the Development Contribution Plan comprises 777 projects with a value of $177.2 million.

Where would the contributions be spent? 

We have divided the municipality into 10 areas for the purposes of the collection and distribution of funds collected under the Development Contributions Plan. 

Each contribution would be spent within the area that the new development is built, to ensure that existing and future local residents benefit. 

How much would developers have to contribute? 

The amount that developers would need to contribute varies depending on the area where the development is proposed, and the type of development (residential, retail, commercial or industrial).

You can view the full list of charges and details on how they are calculated, in chapter 7 of the Development Contributions Plan 2017 incorporated document.

Supporting documents

Notice of amendment
Explanatory report
Instruction sheet
Development Contributions Plan 2017 incorporated document
Clause 45.06 Development Contributions Overlay
Schedule 1 to Clause 45.06
Schedule to clause 72.03
Schedule to clause 72.04
Map 01 - 1DCPO
Map 02 - 2DCPO
Map 03 - 3DCPO
Map 04 - 4DCPO
Map 05 - 5DCPO
Map 06 - 6DCPO
Map 07 - 7DCPO
Map 08 - 8DCPO
Map 09 - 9DCPO

Background documents 

Background paper 1 - demographics
Background paper 2 - DCP projects
Background paper 3 - charge areas

Council strategies and policies referenced in the Development Contributions Plan report

Access and Inclusion Plan 2014 to 2017
Arts and Cultural Strategy 2016 to 2020
Asset Management Policy 2011
Bike Strategy 2010 part 1
Bike Strategy 2010 part 2
Bridge Rd Streetscape Masterplan
Buildings Asset Management Plan adopted 2013
Buildings Asset Management Plan revision 2017
Bike Strategy September 2016
Community Infrastructure Planning Framework adopted July 2014
Draft Events in Public Places Policy
Drainage Management Strategy Report 2004
Early Years Strategy 2015 to 2018
Economic Development Strategy 2015 to 2020
Encouraging and Increasing Walking Strategy 2005
Final Stage Two Action Plan 2014 to 2017
Guidelines for Public Art in Private Development
Local Area Place Making LAPM Policy 2017
Local Area Traffic Management Policy 2013
Long Term Financial Strategy
Long Term Financial Strategy 2017/18 to 2026/27
Middle Years Strategy 2014 to 2017
Nicholson Street Place Making Initiative Concept Design
Night Time Economy Strategy 2014 to 2018
Parking Management Strategy 2013 to 2017
Positive Ageing Strategy 2007 to 2016
Public Art Policy 2015 to 2020
Road Management Plan 2013
Social and Affordable Housing Strategy 2012 to 2014
Strategic Transport Statement 2006
Urban Design Strategy 2011
Victoria Street Streetscape Masterplan adopted 15 September 2015
Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy 2016
Asset Management Policy 2017
Strategic Advocacy Framework
Yarra Health Plan 2013 to 2017
Open Space Strategy 2006 to 2016
Yarra Youth Policy Action Plan 2013 to 2016

What stage is the amendment at?

Third step in planning scheme amendment process

Key dates

  • Thursday 23 August to Friday 21 September 2018 - public exhibition period
  • October/November 2018 - Council meeting to consider written submissions
  • Week of Wednesday 10 December 2018 - Directions hearing
  • Week of Monday 25 February 2019 - Panel hearing

How can I get more information? 

For assistance and more information, contact us on 9205 5555 or at