Amendment C231 – Queens Parade

Multi-lane road with street sign in foreground 

Why have you prepared this amendment?

Our planning scheme includes state and local planning policies which direct new housing and commercial growth to activity centres like Queens Parade so that we can meet our future demands for housing and employment. 

What does the amendment do?

The amendment will help us manage the scale and form of the new buildings that are constructed as a result of  this growth by introducing a planning control known as a Design and Development Overlay Schedule 16 (DDO16) into the Yarra Planning Scheme. DDO16 will guide the heights and setbacks of new development so that their scale and form responds to the heritage character of Queens Parade and the adjoining low scale residential areas. The overlay also includes heritage and design requirements aimed at achieving a high standard of design. 

The amendment also proposes to:

  • Rezone land on the corner of Smith Street and Queens Parade from Commercial 2 to Commercial 1 which allows for housing to be built
  • Apply the Environment Audit Overlay to the land that is proposed for rezoning to manage potential land contamination issues, and
  • Update the Heritage Overlay.

You can read the explanatory report for a more detailed explanation of what the amendment does.

What stage is the amendment at? 

The amendment was exhibited for eight weeks in October and November 2018. Council received 397 submissions during this period.


Third step in planning scheme amendment process

The next step in the process is for Council to consider the submissions and decide whether to refer the amendment to an independent Planning Panel.

The independent Planning Panel, appointed by the Minister for Planning, will consider the exhibited amendment, the submissions and any changes Council recommends to address the submissions.

After the panel hearing, the panel will provide a report with its recommendations to Council. Council can choose to accept or reject the panel’s recommendations. However it must provide justification where it does not accept a Panel recommendation. If Council chooses to adopt the amendment (with or without changes), it will then be sent to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Hearing of submissions

As part of its consideration of submissions, Council heard verbal submissions at a Special Meeting of Council on 12 March 2019 at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Those who had made a submission were advised in writing about the Council meeting.

A response to submissions will be presented to a Council meeting in May.  At this meeting, Council will vote on whether to refer the amendment to the Planning Panel. 

Planning panel hearing dates

It is anticipated:

  • A directions hearing will be held in the week beginning 15 July 2019. (The purpose of the directions hearing is to make arrangements for the running of the hearing, confirm hearing dates and exchange of information eg expert evidence.)
  • The panel hearing will start in the week beginning 12 August 2019. Up to three weeks have been set aside for the hearing.

Note - These dates have been updated since the exhibition of the amendment and may be subject to further change.

How can I get more information?

You can read the documents which are listed below.

For assistance and more information about the amendment, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or

Amendment C231 posters 

Posters distributed at information session

Can I read the Council report and attachments for 28 May 2019

Council will consider officer responses to submissions at its meeting on 28 May 2019 and will decide whether to refer the submissions to an independent planning panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Council report (will be released soon)

Attachment 1 - Map of submissions

Attachment 2 - Summary of individual submissions

Attachment 3 - Summary of issues raised

Attachment 4 - Summary of issues raised by precinct

Attachment 5 - Track change version of revised DDO

Attachment 6 - Revised DDO - no track changes

Attachment 7 - Response to submissions (will be released on Thursday 23 May 2019)

Amendment C231 documents

C231 Explanatory report

C231 Instruction sheet (outlines changes to the planning scheme)

Clause 22.02 – Heritage Policy (updates list of reference documents)

Clause 43.02s – Schedule 16 to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO16)

C231 Incorporated document – Appendix 8

Queens Parade Built Form Framework – Hansen Partnership

Queens Parade Built Form Heritage Review – GJM Heritage Consultants

Amendment C231 maps

Yarra zone map 2

Yarra HO map 2 deletions

Yarra HO map 2 deletions

Yarra HO map 2

Yarra HO map 2

Yarra HO map 2

Yarra EAO map 2

Yarra DDO map 1

Yarra DDO map 2