Amendment C225 – Church Street

Artist impression of the proposed residential aged care facility – 351 Church Street, Richmond

Artist impression of the proposed residential aged care facility – 351 Church Street, Richmond – submitted plans – CHT Architects for Mecwacare

Yarra City Council has prepared Amendment C225 to the Yarra Planning Scheme which applies to land at 351 Church Street, Richmond.

The amendment would enable the building of a residential aged care facility at the site, and has been requested by Mecwacare (the proponent), a not-for-profit aged care provider. Amendment C225 is now on exhibition. You are welcome to make a written submission on the amendment by 5pm, Monday 2 April.

What does Amendment C225 do?

The amendment would create an exemption from the mandatory 9m height control in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone which applies to the land. It introduces an Incorporated Document into the Yarra Planning Scheme that would permit a 5 storey purpose-built residential aged care facility. The exemption would only apply to the proposed residential aged care facility. The amendment does not rezone the land.

Proposed Residential Aged Care Facility

The site for the residential aged care facility is on the east side of Church Street Richmond, just south of St Ignatius Church. The land is currently occupied by a residential hotel.The proposed residential aged care facility would retain the two individually significant heritage terraces at the front of the site. A new building at the rear of the heritage buildings would range in height from 18.3m near the existing terraces to 20.3m at the rear (plus 2.6m for the plant room on the roof). It will include basement car parking and support services for staff and residents.

What is the justification for the amendment?

There is a significant shortfall in the number of residential aged care beds to cater for growing demand in the City of Yarra. The number of people over 70 is expected to nearly double from approximately 6,800 (2016) to 12,700 (2031). The current supply of residential aged care facilities does not meet the current or future community needs. The proposal demonstrates a positive community benefit and is consistent with recent precedents using community benefit as a justification. The proposal is for a not-for-profit service which would provide subsidised and specialised care for the local community.

Amendment C225 Exhibition Documents

When was the amendment exhibited?

The amendment was publicly exhibited in March 2018 for a month.

What stage is this amendment at?

 Fifth step in planning scheme amendment process


When was the Panel report Received?

Council resolved to send the seven submissions to a planning panel in response to the exhibition of the amendment. 

The panel hearing was held on 27 and 29 June 2018.

Council received the panel report 27 July 2019. The panel report is now available.

When will Council consider the Panel report and decide whether to adopt the Amendment?

It is anticipated Council will consider a report about the panel report in September 2018. That report will assess the panel report’s findings and recommendations. It will recommend whether to make the changes proposed by the panel and adopt the amendment.

Next steps

If Council adopts the amendment, it will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval. This would happen soon after the Council meeting in September.