Amendment C225 - 81-95 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond (Harry the Hirer)


What does Amendment C223 do?

What is the justification for the amendment?

There is a significant shortfall in the number of residential aged care beds to cater for growing demand in the City of Yarra. The number of people over 70 is expected to nearly double from approximately 6,800 (2016) to 12,700 (2031). The current supply of residential aged care facilities does not meet the current or future community needs. The proposal demonstrates a positive community benefit and is consistent with recent precedents using community benefit as a justification. The proposal is for a not-for-profit service which would provide subsidised and specialised care for the local community.

Amendment C223 Exhibition Documents

Find out more

The draft amendment can be viewed in person at Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121) during business hours.

What stage is this amendment at?

 Step 2 in planning scheme amendment process

Next steps

Following the current consultation period, council will consider community submissions at a council meeting and an independent planning panel may be appointed to assess them at this stage.

How to make a submission

We are exhibiting Amendment C225 from Thursday 1 March to Monday 2 April 2018. Submissions must be made in writing and are due by 5pm, on Monday 2 April 2018.

1. By email
(Subject line: 351 Church Street: Amendment C225) 

2. By post:

Yarra City Council
Attn: Peter Mollison, Strategic Planning
PO Box 168
Richmond VIC 3121

When you make a submission, please provide us with your name and contact details to ensure that you continue to be part of the process. You will be contacted when we are ready to consider the proposed amendment and given the opportunity to speak in support of a submission (or to have someone speak on your behalf). All submissions will be treated as public documents. We are obliged by the Planning and Environment Act to make all submissions available for inspection at its offices.

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 2 April 2018

If you have any questions regarding the amendment, please contact Peter Mollison on 9205 5555 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or email
(Subject line: 351 Church Street: Amendment C225).