Amendment C223 – 81-95 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond

Large blue building on corner of street 

The owners of Harry the Hirer at 81-95 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond (Astrodome Hire Pty Ltd) have approached Yarra Council to amend the planning controls on their land. This would enable them to build a residential and commercial development at the site.

An amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, known as Amendment C223, is needed in order to change the planning controls on this land.


Land affected by Amendment C223



Why have we prepared this Amendment?

The planning scheme zones all land to reflect different land uses. These zones categorize how land is used and there are specific rules related to each zone. 

The current zoning for the land at 81-85 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street is the Industrial 3 Zone, which is out of step with the surrounding area and vision set out in the Victoria Street Structure Plan and Yarra Planning Scheme. The Structure Plan identifies the area including this land for potential housing mixed with retail and business. 

Amendment C223 allows for the land to be used and developed for a mix-use of residences and employment opportunities, both retail and commercial. The amendment will apply planning controls to ensure there are key public benefits in any redevelopment on this land. The amendment will also apply planning controls to manage traffic, address contamination, promote heritage and provide built form guidance for any future development


What does Amendment C223 propose to do

The amendment proposes:

  • Rezone the land from Industrial 3 Zone (IN3Z) to Mixed Use Zone (MUZ).
  • Applies the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 15 (DPO15) to the land. 
  • Applies an Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to the land. 

What is an Environment Audit Overlay (EAO)?

The Minister for Planning has provided direction to local councils when amending the planning scheme to ensure potential land contamination is properly managed. An EAO indicates that an environmental audit must be carried out before land is developed. The application of the EAO is required to manage any site contamination issues prior to a sensitive use (such as building housing, a primary school or early childcare centre) commencing on the land. This ensures that any site contamination issues are managed before redevelopment.

What is the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 15 (DPO15)?

A Development Plan Overlay (DPO) requires a development plan to be prepared to coordinate land uses, development and redevelopment change. The overlay prevents the granting of permits before a plan has been approved, with some exceptions. Any development plan must be adopted by Council to come into effect.

What does the proposed DPO15 for this site allow?

DPO15 includes an indicative framework plan that sets out the structure for future development and land use. A future development plan cannot be approved if it is not prepared in line with this plan. 

The indicative framework plan for 81-95 Burnley and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond allows: 

  • Around 500 dwellings in six buildings, ranging in height between 7 storeys fronting Appleton Street and up to 12 storeys along Doonside Street. 
  • 576 square metres of public open space facing Doonside Street. 
  • A 9-metre wide pedestrian link which runs through the site from Doonside Street to Appleton Street.
  • 10% of dwellings to be for affordable housing.
  • Retention of heritage buildings including the entire building at 26 Doonside Street.
  • At least 9,000 square metres of commercial/ retail floor space (part of which will see the Harry the Hirer administrative headquarters remain on-site). 

Indicative framework plan for 81-95 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond

A map of the proposed development on the land at 81 to 95 Burnley Street and 26 Doonside Street, Richmond

Amendment C223 formal exhibition documents

Supporting documents

Additional information requested during exhibition

What stage is this amendment at?

There are six stages in a Planning Scheme Amendment. 

Amendment C223 is currently in the second stage. This means that Yarra Council has sought approval for the Amendment and it has been approved for exhibition by the Minister for Planning. During this stage, community members and stakeholders are able to make submissions objecting to or in support of the proposed Amendment.

 Third step in planning scheme amendment process


Next steps

Exhibition of Amendment C223 has concluded and Council will consider community submissions at a Council Meeting. Parties that submitted to the amendment will be advised in writing of a future Council Meeting. 

A number of submissions have been received, we will likely need to seek the appointment of an independent Planning Panel to assess them.

If a Planning Panel is appointed, submitters would have the opportunity to make further submissions before the panel issues its recommendation to Council.