Amendment C220 – Johnston Street

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Planning Panel

A Planning Panel will occur in the weeks starting 15th and 22nd October.

The Panel will hear submissions from Council and submitters who have nominated to be heard and then produce a report with recommendations to Council on the Amendment.

The Panel Report is released no later than 28 days after being received by Council and will be considered at a future meeting of Council, most likely in early 2019.


Council’s Part-A Submission and Expert Evidence

Part A Submission

Urban Design Evidence (Larry Parsons, Ethos Urban)

Urban Design Evidence (Koos De Keijzer)

Planning Evidence (David Barnes, Hansen)

Economic Evidence (Andrew Spencer, SGS)

Heritage Evidence (Bruce Trethowan)

Expert Evidence from Submitters

Kel Twite (SJB Planning)

Andrew Biacsi (Contour Consultants)

Mark Sheppard (DLA)



Yarra City Council has prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C220 which affects land in and around Johnston Street (Collingwood and Abbotsford), including Sackville Street in Collingwood.

The amendment introduces planning controls to implement the Johnston Street Local Area Plan (which was adopted by Council in 2015). The plan aims to manage built form outcomes such as building heights and setbacks, as well as preserving the valued heritage character of the streetscape.

What does Amendment C220 propose to do?

Amendment C220 proposes to apply planning controls to the Johnston Street activity centre in the form of a Design and Development Overlay (DDO15) which contains design guidelines and building height and setback controls for new development proposals.

The amendment also proposes the following key changes:

  • Rezoning the sections of Johnston Street (identified as Precincts 1 and 2 within the Johnston Street Local Area Plan) currently zoned as Commercial 2 Zone to the Commercial 1 Zone, which allows for mixed use development opportunities, including retail, commercial and residential opportunities that will add life to Johnston Street.
  • Rezoning a small section of the eastern part of Johnston Street from General Residential Zone to Commercial 1 Zone.
  • Applying a new Heritage Overlay (HO505) to the section of Johnston Street in between Hoddle Street and the railway line at Victoria Park Station, to provide increased heritage protection for the streetscape and its buildings.
  • Applying the Environmental Audit Overlay to properties being rezoned from the Commercial 2 Zone to the Commercial 1 Zone, which allows sensitive residential activity to occur. 

These are the main changes being proposed and a comprehensive list of the changes can be found within the Explanatory Report.

Amendment C220 Exhibition Documents:

The amendment maps below identify the areas being affected by the proposed changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme:

Johnston Street Local Area Plan

Amendment C220 is strategically supported by the Johnston Street Local Area Plan, which was adopted by Council in December 2015. The plan – developed in consultation with the community – sets out a vision for the future of the precinct, covering the area around Johnston Street from the Yarra River to the east, through to Smith Street in the west.

The plan recommends creating a diverse mix of activity, with commercial uses generally at street level, and residential uses at upper levels to make the area more vibrant and accessible. 

The plan and relevant supporting documents are found via the links below:

What stage are these amendment at?

Fourth step in planning scheme amendment process