Amendments C218 and C219 – Trennery Crescent Abbotsford

Leafy street with brick buildings down one side 

Which properties are affected by these amendments?

  • Amendment C218 affects land at 18–62 Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford
  • Amendment C219 affects land at 112–124 & 126–142 Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford

What is proposed by Amendment C218?

We received a proposal from SJB Planning, acting on behalf of property owners Joval Pty. Ltd, to rezone the land at 18-62 Trenerry Crescent from Commercial 2 to Commercial 1 and apply an Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO)

The Commercial 2 Zone allows commercial uses only, whereas the Commercial 1 zoning would allow the site to be redeveloped to include both residential and commercial activity.

The IPO outlines specific site controls that future planning permits would have to comply with.

The maximum building height for future development is proposed to be 25 metres, with lower heights proposed for buildings along the river.

Can I see the statutory documents that support Amendment C218?

Here are the statutory documents that support the amendment

Explanatory Report C218

1862 Trenerry Crescent Incorporated Plan 101116

Yarra C218 001znMap06 Exhibition

Yarra C218 002ipoMap06 Exhibition

Yarra C218 003eaoMap06 Exhibition

Yarra C218 43_03s02 yara Exhibition

Yarra C218 81_01s_yara Exhibition

Yarra C218 Instruction Sheet Exhibition

Yarra C218 Notice of the preparation of an amendment

What is proposed by Amendment C219?

We received a separate proposal from Urbis, acting on behalf of the Australian Education Union (AEU), to rezone the two properties from the Commercial 2 zone to the Mixed Use Zone and apply a Development Plan Overlay (DPO).

A Mixed Use Zone would allow a mix of residential and commercial uses on the sites.

The DPO provides a framework for future development and sets out site specific conditions, including a maximum building height of 25 metres with lower heights leading down to the river.

This proposed DPO acknowledges the importance of the existing heritage building (112-124 Trenerry Crescent), which is covered by a heritage overlay.

The proposed DPO also seeks to maintain view lines to the Yarra River, provide a shared pedestrian/cycle link from Trenerry Crescent to the Capital City Trail and improve cycling conditions at the corner of Trenerry Crescent as it turns east along the edge of the freeway.

Can I see the statutory documents that support Amendment C219?

Here are the statutory documents to support the amendment.

Yarra C219 Explanatory Report Exhibition

Yarra C219 Instruction Sheet Exhibition

Yarra C219 Notice of the preparation of an amendment

Yarra C219 43_04s14_yara Exhibition

1 Yarra C219 001znMaps02_06 Exhibition

Yarra C219 002dpoMaps02_06 Exhibition

Yarra C219 003eaoMaps02_06 Exhibition

What stage are these amendments at?

Sixth step in planning scheme amendment process

How does the Johnston Street Local Area Plan relate to these amendments?

In December 2015, we adopted the Johnston Street Local Area Plan. The plan – developed in consultation with the community – sets out a vision for the future of Johnston Street and surrounding area, from the Yarra River in the east, through to Smith Street in the west.

The plan recommends creating a diverse mix of activity, with commercial uses generally at street level, and residential uses at upper levels to make the area more vibrant and accessible.

The proposed rezonings are in accordance with the vision set out in the Johnston Street Local Area Plan.

How do the Yarra River planning controls relate to these amendments?

In February 2017, the State Government introduced an interim design and development overlay (DDO01), which includes mandatory building heights and setbacks for new development along the Yarra River.

The proposed controls are consistent with DDO01.

Panel Report C218 / C219

Council has received the Panel Report and officers are reviewing its recommendations.

A Council report will be prepared to go to a meeting of Council early next year (possibly February but is yet to be confirmed).

How can I find out further information?

For assistance and more information about the amendment, please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or