Amendment C191 – Swan Street

Yarra City Council is proposing to apply new planning controls to the  Swan Street Major Activity Centre, via Amendment C191, to help manage future development, protect heritage and support employment in the area.  

What stage is the Amendment at? 

The amendment was exhibited for six weeks during February and April 2019.

Fourth step in planning scheme amendment process

Panel hearing

The Yarra C191 Panel hearing concluded on Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

The next step is for the Panel to prepare and provide its report to Yarra City Council. As the Panel consisted of two members, the report is due 30 business days after the last day of the Panel hearing. The report must be made publicly available 28 days after the report has been submitted to Yarra City Council.

Supplementary expert witness statements

On Monday 13 July 2020, Council circulated four supplementary evidence statements prepared by its experts.

You can view the documents by clicking on the links below:

Council Part A submission

Council’s resubmitted Part A submission was circulated Wednesday 1 April 2020.

Council expert witness statements

Together with its resubmitted Part A submission, Council circulated the evidence of its urban design expert witness, Leane Hodyl (Hodyl + Co) on 1 April 2020.

Council continues to rely on the evidence of the following experts, circulated on 26 November 2019.  

Submitter expert witness statements

Submitter expert witness statements were circulated Tuesday 26 November 2019.

You can view the documents by clicking on the links below:

Submitter 19

Submitter 31

Submitter 18

Submitter 12 and Submitter 35

Submitter 15 (34-46 Swan Street, Richmond)

Submitter 15 (79-89 Swan Street, Richmond)

Fly-through 3D models for the Swan Street activity centre

Tract Consultants, who prepared the Swan Street Built Form Framework 2017,  have prepared videos of the model for each precinct that shows the following:

  • The exhibited Design and Development Overlay (DDO17)
  • The exhibited DDO17 and proposed development (permit approved and permit under assessment)
  • The preferred Design and Development Overlay (DDO25, DDO26, DDO27 & DDO28)
  • The preferred DDO25, DDO26, DDO27 & DDO28 and proposed development
  • The preferred DDO25, DDO26, DDO27 & DDO28, proposed development and shadow on 22nd September 10am–2pm

Precinct 1: Richmond Station

Precinct 2: Swan Street Retail Centre

Precinct 3: Swan Street East

Precinct 4: Burnley Station

Swan Street activity centre 3D modelling report

A 3D modelling report has been prepared by Tract Consultants. The 3D modelling report includes the modelling undertaken following the exhibition of Amendment C191 to test various matters raised in submissions received during the exhibition period. A detailed set of appendices capture the discussions and evolution of Council’s preferred version of DDO25, DDO26, DDO27 and DDO28 based on various workshop discussions with GJM Heritage and Council officers.

How did Councillors consider the submissions and what did they decide?

At its meeting on 10 September 2019, Council heard from submitters and considered the officer response to submissions. Council resolved to request that the Minister for Planning appoint an independent planning to hear submissions. Council also resolved to endorse the recommended changes to the amendment including the preferred version of the DDO schedules. Read the Council Agenda and attachments.