Yarra Planning Scheme rewrite

Timeline showing 2014 - 2016

We are updating our planning scheme by rewriting its local policies which will help us better manage growth in our city.  

We began the project in 2014 with a comprehensive review of the current scheme.

In 2015 we undertook the Liveable Yarra engagement process with the community.  It involved an in-depth, two-way conversation about how Yarra can adapt and change to the challenges and opportunities brought about by growth and change. 

This was the first time such an approach has been undertaken for a planning scheme rewrite.

The rewrite is also being informed by two strategies which we have prepared: 

  • our Housing Strategy, and
  • our Economic and Employment Strategy. 

The draft planning scheme will be considered by Council later in 2018.  The Council will decide whether to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning for a planning scheme amendment to update the Yarra Planning Scheme.