Spatial, Economic and Employment Strategy

Yarra's economy is changing. Once it was a hub of industry and manufacturing and now there are jobs in the knowledge and service sectors as well as in the creative economy.  

These changes alter the way our employment land is used. Our employment land is made up of activity centres, health precincts, industrial and other employment areas.

We want to support economic change by ensuring that our land can accommodate our changing economy and employment needs.  

Our planning scheme is the tool we use to guide the way our employment land is used in future.

We have prepared the Spatial Economic and Employment Strategy (SEES) to inform new policy in our planning scheme.  

Read a copy of the draft strategy.

SEES tells us how land use in our employment areas can accommodate economic change over the next 10-15 years. We want to make sure Yarra continues to be a great place to work and that there are jobs in Yarra in the future. 

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