Collingwood Town Hall precinct

Engagement on a new Community Hub in the Collingwood Town Hall Precinct

As a result of a Council resolution in 2021, Council is facilitating the creation of a community panel to provide feedback on a potential community space in the Collingwood Town Hall Precinct. This work aligns with Council’s intentions to investigate the long-term future of Council owned sites and maximise their value going forward. Council is seeking participants for a community panel through an expression of interest invitation that has been sent to nearby residents in Collingwood and Abbotsford. View the FAQS for the Community Panel feedback.

Council resolution informing the next steps

  • At the Yarra City Council meeting on Tuesday 30 March 2021, Council resolved to understand options and recommendations on the scale and deliverability of community infrastructure on the site incorporating the following services in a community hub:
  • improved library for the Collingwood-Abbotsford area;
  • an improved and modern Maternal and Child Health Centre;
  • multipurpose rooms that could be used as meeting rooms and/or events; and
  • other relevant community spaces which can be either utilised by Council operated services or licenced / leased for use by community or not for profit organisations.

You can view the adopted resolution within the minutes on Council’s website. Further detail is also available in these documents:

FAQS for Community Panel 4 June 2022